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What does it mean when you dream of someone you hardly know but have talked to?

Asked by pandoralox (4points) March 16th, 2011

So, I had this dream last night about this boy that I have been talking to and sometimes skyping on the computer. The day before the dream, he told me when he was coming over here with his school to do this performance and when he would see me for the first time. Now, I had a dream about how he actually met me for the first time…but instantly ignored me and chatted up other girls. We only spoke just once briefly in the dream and then we went our separate ways…any suggestions as to what this dream means? Thanks.

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Your common sense is creeping up on you.

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Dreaming about a person you just met usually means they made an impression on you. You seem to be intrested in having him as a friend, but are worried that he won’t like you when he finally meets you face to face. That sounded sort of fortune tellerish, but thats what I get from it. :)

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You’re nervous about meeting him and having him not find you interesting or attractive in person.

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Probably means you were asleep.

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It means nothing. There is no connection between dreams and reality in most cases.

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Respectively disagree with @Harold. There’s total connection between reality and dreams—content of dreams derives from the input our brains receive during waking and sleeping hours. In your case, @pandoralox, this dream means only that in some way this person has made an impression on you and your brain simply made up a story about him as you slept.

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