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How old should you be to have a boyfriend?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) March 16th, 2011

At what age is it acceptable to have a boyfriend? Some of my friends do, some don’t. All of them have mixed opinions. Do you think someone should date even though their parents don’t want them to?

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I don’t think it is a good idea to date if you are 16 or younger if your parents don’t want you to. And in my opinion you should at least be in high school to have a boy friend.

And it’s not necessarily a good idea to “get a boyfriend” just because friends have them. It might be better to become friends with a few boys so you can get to know them without a lot of emotional baggage attached to it.

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It depends on the Girl and her maturity and also what your idea of a boyfriend is?

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I was allowed to double date when I was 15 and then date when I turned 16, but that was in the 80s.

I think 15/16 is a good age though. Anything younger is too young imo. A 14 year old or younger is just playing house. sorry :(

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The age in our house is 16, with exceptions. Before 16, dances were allowed, certain events, and more in a “group” setting. We aren’t so strict that we didn’t allow boys around, we just explained the rules and my daughter was very good at following the rules. She’s 17 now, has more freedom, but understands that we do set curfews, we do expect a guy to come to the door, no honking and her running out.

I will say that maturity and responsibility have a lot to do with our decisions.

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Think of it this way… my parents think i can date and i am under 16, but it depends on the boy, and where we are going. If its some nice kid taking me to the movies, then im comfortable with it, but if it was some kid whos been in jail and hes takin me to a pot house, thats another story.

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@15barcam It’s good to hear no pot house! I don’t think my daughter ran that example past me. :)

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I’m not sure its ever a good idea (she says cynically).

Actually I have no idea how to answer this question. I’m 26 and still not really sure what the word “boyfriend” means. I think it might be too broad to mean anything useful.

What are you really asking about? How old you need to be to admit reciprocal crush feelings, to kiss, to have sex, to commit your feelings to someone, to spend time alone with a boy?

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16 if your parents agree.
18 if they don’t.
Anything younger than that is just asking for trouble, in my opinion (not that it is worth much.)

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I agree that 16 is a reasonable age for a person to date with curfew till they’re 18…and that’s IF they can be trusted…....My little sisters? 30….and its not because I can’t trust them…I just love them too much.

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What does it mean to most of you “to have a boyfriend”?
I had a girlfriend that i loved at 5 years old, we climbed trees; kissed on the cheek and held hands.
At 9 I had another girlfriend that I loved (within the limits of my mental maturity), we held hands; cuddled and occasionally kissed(pecked) on the lips.
Then again at 14 Same thing, less trees and different kissing.
Really I regard it as natural for kids to develop strong bonds to a single member of the opposite sex and that is my definition of ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’. I actually think my two year old daughter has her first boyfriend right now, a little lad at play-school who adores her and follows her everywhere.. her wee eyes light up when I ask her if she wants to go play with Jordan. At their own level they have a personal bond.

These interactions are a natural part of development. It upsets me that adults think this type of development should cease at the onset of puberty and to expect the kids to ‘skip several classes’ and catch up when they are 21. (Maybe the reason for so many skewed up relationships and divorces)

And now I digress.. why does our society see sexual interaction as evil yet violence is tolerated? Just look at the movies and media, Murder and assault in a movie is going to get a 16Rating, add a breast in that movie =R18. wtf?

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If it’s hanging out with a boy and dating in groups only, and the teens are responsible, I’d say 14/15 is okay.

If this is “real” dating, 18, unless the teens showed remarkable maturity.

High school is demanding enough socially and emotionally without adding any more into the mix.

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@SeaTurtle because a 14 year old can’t get pregnant by playing Grand Theft Auto, and will most likely not kill someone because they play a violent video game. Throw two young teens and lots of hormones together, pop here comes an unwanted baby.

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@jonsblond I don’t think anyone ever got pregnant from watching a movie though… :)

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We are all individuals and it really does depend on the definition of ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ but 16 is a good age to think about a more serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Some people might be older or younger though. It comes down to what is right for you and what your parents are comfortable with too.

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I’d say 16 is ok.

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7th grade and up would be okay.

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my parents say start of yr 11 after the school cert. but i say yr 9 – 14/15 :)

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date when you want to date.if you don’t you don’t.

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