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Girls,what kind of a guy do you like?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) December 15th, 2010

• Seriously girls what kind of a guy do you like or date? from small little things (if they matter) to big major ones,tell everything :)
• Should he have a muscular body? big bulky body or just Ok ?
• Is it necessary to be smart or handsome?
• Should he be rich? How much rich? What if he is not? Be frank!
• How much possessive? explain!
• Height? i guess tall would be preferred but how much tall? And does relative height matter?
• Having or not having many female friends,attractive or not?
• Should he be Polite? always? to everyone?
• How much time should he give you? limited or he should always be there with you?
• A beautiful girl dates and average guy.Comment?
• And what do you don’t like about guys?
• If possible,what would you like to change in a guy or your bf?

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I generally date guys who are kind and helpful to others. A good sense of humor is awesome. They don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous, but at least attractive. I don’t really care if they’re muscular or not. If a guy is REALLY in shape it makes me feel weird dating them because I’m not. I don’t like guys who tell me how to dress, where to go, what to do with my life etc.If he is smart enough to sit down and talk to about every day things and what’s going on in his life and mine that’s a plus. He has to have something going for him, holding a job or going to school. If he’s honest and a good listener on top of all that, he is a prize!

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My ideal man:
1. outdoorsy. willing to hike and picnic and camp
2. musical. preferably sings. listens to the kind of music i do, including classical, which isn’t always true of folks my age
3. shares my sense of humor. i like to joke around about everything, and he must as well
4. appreciates food, preferably good cook
5. handsome please, fit but not too musuclar, good dresser, and not to be shallow but a small penis is a deal breaker. negates everything above.

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-Well, I like nice guys because, I look for serious long-term relationships.
It’s not necessary that the guy is “handsome” but usually even if I didn’t find them handsome before, they become better looking as I get to know them more, and admire them. :) Usually they are just the most handsome to me because I like them.
I do indeed like intelligent guys, but only because I feel not that intelligent, and I want it to even out… haha…
Umm, it’d be pretty sweet if he was rich, but he doesn’t have to be rich… Just so long that he is not poor as dirt.
I prefer a guy who is taller than I am. I think I’m about 5“4 (Or that’s what I’ve been telling everyone….. shifty eyes) So I’d like him to be an inch taller, or one head taller! =D
Hmm, I’d prefer the guy to not have too many female friends, as jealousy might take control.
Polite is always a good thing for me. Polite to everyone of course. I don’t really like rude meanies..
He doesn’t have to always be with me, in fact, that could get rather annoying! And humans naturally get annoyed at each other after a while.. Too much time is not good.
Even if a beautiful girl dates an average guy, or vice versa, it shouldn’t matter. Maybe in her eyes, you are gorgeous! Okay? =D Go watch “She’s outta my league” :P
I don’t like guys who are jerks.

Well.. you know… even though that’s my ideal guy, it’s not only limited to that.. It depends on who I meet. It’s not like I compare them to a rubric or anything. It’s not that if they don’t match, I’ll turn them down either.

Anyways, you sound sweet and considerate! ^_^ Good luck with whatever you’re doing!

Edited—> PS: body build shouldn’t really matter, but muscular is good. I like to work out, I haven’t recently, but having a guy with similar likes helps!

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Not even a little bit possessive. It’s a huge turn-off.
I don’t care about his friends so long as they’re just friends.
Polite… Yes and no. I’m not really interested in a people pleaser who doesn’t stand up for himself or take care of his needs, but also not a jerk.
Time – You work up to time. Obviously, you should spend more time together when you’re married than when you’ve known each other for 2 weeks. But I’m definitely an independent gal who likes her alone time.
Height, build, etc – All negotiable. Or rather, I have to find him attractive, but that varies from person to person. And he can have the worlds smallest penis so long as he makes up for it with his tongue.
A certain amount of spontaneity/adventure is good – I’m more of a variety is the spice of life gal,so if he’s not interested in anything beyond Mac n Cheese, there’s going to be a lack of compatibility.
Understands that if he hates cats, and I have cats, we shouldn’t go on a second date, because I’m not getting rid of them for some n00b (or anyone else, but really? You want me to get rid of them before we’ve even kissed? Are you out of your damn mind?)

But really, the most important things are that we have a great time together and he makes me laugh.

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Loving, honest, trustworthy, companionable. Looks mean very little.

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• I love big noses, don’t understand why, but I love them. Black hair, but it can be dyed, and a must is green eyes (my favorite color). I have a personal preference when it comes to age also, I prefer the guys to be no more than 7 years older than me.
• I like guys that are a little chubby, but not too much. Muscles, big huge muscles like those body builders make me want to vomit.
• He must be smart or I’m not even going to bother.
• I’m not into guys with money. I was with a rich kid before and they’re always trying to buy you things as though it’s the reason you’re with them; not me. I have zero interest in his money or how much he makes. As long as he is independent, I’m fine.
• A little possessive doesn’t bother me, such as if we’re walking down the street and some guy looks at us so he kind of pulls me closer; that doesn’t bother me because I usually don’t even notice it and most guys do this anyhow. But if he pulls me closer and sneers at the guy, then it’s a problem.
• Height matters to me because I’m kind of tall, so I like the guys to be 6’5”+ so he’ll make me feel short (tall girls will understand where I’m coming from on this one).
• I don’t care if he has female friends as long as they’re not ex girlfriends that he’s hanging out with alone ‘cause it’ll look shady.
• Hell no! I LOVE assholes. I like it when a guy is an asshole to, what seems like, everyone because they’re usually such softies when no one else is listening or watching. Plus I need someone who is my equal. Perhaps it’s a dom thing, but I like to feel as though “I’ve tamed the lion.”
• Time is good, but if you’re always together you never have time to miss each other. I think time should be evenly distributed among friends, family, and events that you don’t want to partake in.
• It’s relative.
• The number one thing I don’t like about guys is the cat calls using the most obnoxious slang terms: “Hey shorty, holla.” It always leaves me annoyed with my middle finger in the air, plus 98% of the times I really don’t understand them.
• I’d like to change his smoking habit and his availability.
I think that answers all of your questions.

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Wow, I feel much better about my big nose now, thanks girls <3

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@sliceswiththings Yay! You just made me feel normal!! lol =D

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@HearTheSilence Haha me too! @phoebusg If there are two of us here, I’m sure there are more out there. Embrace it.

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Honest, hard-working, nerdy, outdoors-y, supportive, smart, funny, loyal, respectful. I’m a very kinda polite, relatively p.c. person so that would be great. Muscles aren’t too high on my list. I do like the tall boys. He must have a passion of some sort or ambition. I don’t really care about money at all, but he must be employed and want to go somewhere. Not get some low level job and be satisfied with it. I don’t really need to have a guy always around me. Clingy guys are not at all good.

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@HearTheSilence big nosed,green-eyed 6’5” asshole ? have you found any till date? O.O

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• I like funny, considerate, confident men. Humor is a must. I have issues with long hair on men, it is just an instant turn off for me. Hard working, loyal, and curious. Protective.
• I don’t have much of a body preference. I’ve been attracted to men of many builds, so I guess my only preference is no extremes. Especially thin or morbidly obese would be unlikely to attract me, but I never say never.
• I feel like “smart” and “handsome” are very relative terms. A man may not be conventionally handsome, but that doesn’t mean that I may not find him attractive. In fact, I am often attracted to men that are not considered conventionally handsome. As far as brains go, as long as we can carry on a conversation and teach each other new things, whatever they might be, that makes me happy.
• Money is not important to me.
• I don’t really like to be held captive. If you trust me, then trust me. I’m alright with the occasional twinge of jealousy, but don’t make it a habit.
• I am a tall woman, I am attracted to tall men. The taller, the better, really.
• As for his friends, I don’t think I have a preference. I’m not the jealous type.
• Manners and the ability to present himself in public are essential, but I love nothing more than being completely relaxed in private. Polite is nice, but, don’t be a pushover or a stick in the mud.
• I think that the time spent together is also relative. I give cues when I want to spend more time, or less time, with someone. The longer we are together, the more blatant I’m likely to be. I also try to pick up on those cues from my partner – so it is really more about the ability to compromise than a specific amount of time that I require on a day to day basis.
• Biologically speaking, women are less concerned with appearances than men are. Pretty much. Of course, everyone is different, but that’s the basic concept.
• I can’t think of any particular trait that would apply to all men for me to say that I don’t like it. I just… don’t have anything. There are plenty of things about specific men that I know, or have known, that I don’t like. It usually has very little to do with them being male.
• Even if I wanted to change something about my husband, I’m not going to post it here. But I think I covered your questions.

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@gamefu91 Well, he was 6’6” but yes. Another ex was similar, but he was only 6’3”

Plus my list is more the perfect guy I want and seek, not the one I’m currently… dating I guess would be the word. I’ve gone for guys that were bald, short, and younger than me with brown eyes. What matters the most to me is his intelligence. If he’s not smart, I just won’t bother with the guy. Also if he can’t handle my sarcasm and dry sense of humor, it’ll never work. If he doesn’t look past my constant sailor-like cursing… yeah, we’re gonna have problems. There’s factors that go into guys such as them having the ability to embrace your flaws and find them cute rather than annoying or repulsive. But I was trying to stick to giving basic and brief answers, not to go off on a tangent and write a novel like I’m doing now. >.< I’ll stop now.

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I LOVE A HAIRY CHEST!!!! Not so keen on a hairy bum or back, but a good chest-wig is a must.
Muscular? Isn’t that necessary, but prefer not to be skinny (especially the legs). Can’t stand bulky body-builder types, but, if everything else about him was cool then I’d have to cope.
Hair? Dont care
Smart or Casual/Scruffy? Dont care really, but I’ve always gone for scruffier types.
Handsome? Well this is really in the eye of the beholder isn’t it..? As long as I’m digging his look that’s all that counts.
Rich? Not bothered at all, as long as he is independant, not riddled with debt.
Possessive – dunno? Never really had a possessive bf before so have no personal experience to draw on. Sounds like it can be flattering in very small doses, but a nightmare if it goes overboard… I’ll have to wait and see.
Sense of humour – A MUST! I have dyspraxia and can be a right idiot at times, so I need my bf to have a good sense of humour so we can laugh when things I do go pear-shaped.
Height? Taller than me is preferred.
Intelligent? Yes please.
Girlfriends? This very much depends on how secure/confidant you are in your bf and the relationship. Sometimes it’s not a problem, sometimes it is.

And now I need a cuppa…

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Just came here to read…. interesting reading between those pages! i’m a guy! Nice to see what ladies look for in a man.

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Always knew I should have grown a “big nose!”

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I’ve a “big nose” too, broken & bent slightly but still out there! :-/

mines a beauty Lol…...

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loll.. got’cha man!

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My guy has to be kind and caring and honest and all the usual stuff.
On top of that, he has to read. I just can’t be with someone who hasn’t read a book since high school. I love being able to discuss books with a man.
He has to love animals. I’m a cat lady and I couldn’t be with someone who doesn’t understand that.
Other than that, he should probably be enough like me when it comes to religion and politics that we wouldn’t fight all the time. I couldn’t be with a fundamentalist Christian capitalist republican just because it wouldn’t work.

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@Seelix, Do you go for men with “big noses” if so I’m your man! ;-)

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@Scooby – “nose size” isn’t an issue for me either way! But there’s a 6-foot hockey fan fiance over here that you’d have to get past first ;)

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@Seelix,Oh sorry I thought you might be single! :-/

“6-foot” you say… size is never an issue me either, I’ve been used as a punch bag by them all.. it’s all about stamina not how big you are ;-)

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@Scooby – No problem, it’s not the first time someone’s fallen in love with my left eye.

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@Seelix, Well I thought I’d started off on the right foot, I’ am an eye man after all & your eye colour is the same as mine ( one thing in common ) so I assumed to push my luck! & I did, right off the edge of a cliff it would seem….. I’ll go now & leave you in piece….. :-/
Sexy eye btw ;-)

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Major muscles aren’t important but I need to feel safe and protected in his arms. I like a strong looking man but that isn’t necessarilly “beef cake” muscly.

I like a person to be a little bit smart or at list not an air head. I like to be able to have a fairly in depth conversation with people that requires a little intelligence. As for handsomem what does that mean anyway? I think my boyfriend is incredibly handsome but I don’t expect every woman would agree with me. Put it this way, I have to be physically attracted to him as well as mentally.

Money is unimportand in the sense that, I certainly don’t need him to be rich. I do, however, like a person that can support themselves. I have so many friends whose boyfriends are quite happy to be supported by them and that’s a major turn off for me.

I like a man whois protective but not possesive.

I am tiny (5’1) and my boyfriend is abot 5’9. Perfect.

Female friends is fine as long as I have no reason to believe that they are anything more than friends.

I love a man who is polite. My boyfriend can charm anyone but he is always respectful.

Quality time is importnat but that is something that should be a two way thing. It isn’t just his responsibility to find time for us.

The “average” guy probably isn’t just average to her. That’s the important thing.

I don’t like men that are en to impress their mates that they are rude, obnoxious, sexist you get the drift?!

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@papayalily What about kind and has a good heart? Damn, girl, do you even have a heart?

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@Jude Sure, but isn’t that kinda a given? I mean, I didn’t put things like “isn’t an addict” or “not a Neo-Nazi”, but that doesn’t mean those are ok, just that those are pretty universal.

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@Jude Did I say something to suggest that I didn’t have a heart?

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I like guys that are honest,
I’ve yet to find someone consistent
in this department.

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@Scooby I’ve a “big nose” too, broken & bent slightly but still out there!

Your nose sounds hot. quite possibly the oddest sentence I’ve ever written.

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I find this whole “nose” thing really interesting, because I have always had a soft spot for big noses.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I do, too. On girls even. I find that it gives them character.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@Jude I completely agree. That’s actually why I didn’t specify “on men” in my statement. :)

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Great sense of humor, fun, childish side to him (but only when appropriate), outdoorsy, adventurous, and spontaneity is a big one. Not too tied down, supportive, understanding, good communicator, not afraid of commitment (this matters less in the beginning than it does as the relationship progresses, obviously). Physically I like a guy that is not too tall, medium build (not scrawny), with a great smile. If he’s Jewish, JACKPOT.

So I’ve really hit the lottery. :)

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@deni I love Jews, too!

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As far as what kind of body (e.g. muscular, tan, etc.) that stuff really doesnt matter too much… of course its nice but when it boils down to it we want to be treated well. We must be treated well and respected by a man before we can feel that “real” thing we know is love. I like a man who is silly sometimes and always knows how to make me laugh. Also someone who is thoughtful, I am so glad I finally found that someone wjho is everything I never knew was possible! I love a man who can look me in the eyes and give me tingles he looks so deep into my eyes! Ahhh to be in love….

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A bit muscular is nice, but not too buff, and I like taller guys (that’s not too hard to find cuz I’m short). He has to make me laugh, that’s important to me. Also, he needs to be trustworthy and loyal and caring. He definitely has to be smart, but not like genius. A little possessive is cute. I don’t care if he’s rich or not or if he has female friends as long as I can trust him. As far as looks, as long as he’s pretty cute it’s fine.

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The kind of guy I’m looking forward to meeting is fun, exciting, spontaneous, outdoorsy, bookish. I like my guys smart, with a quirky edge. Not fussy, eh?:-) I’d like him to be kind, caring and compassionate. I find it very difficult to meet guys in and around my own age who feel strongly about spiritual growth; something that’s a huge part of my life.
Appearance wise, I need to feel physically attracted to him. I like it when people take care of themselves physically, i.e. an overall healthy lifestyle. I’m not looking for someone who pumps iron at they gym or anything.
Neediness, possiveness, emotionally sloppy, etc. are immediate no-no’s for me. A lover of animals would be nice too :-)

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geezz..let me see! I fun, caring, compassionate. Dang, not bookish…. oh, outdoor…love that!—But, I still don’t have a “big nose!” Well, you can’t have everything!

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Very tall, dark, cutie handsome not drop dead.
Next: funny to the point of silly
Hard working
Social / well liked
More guy than girl friends
Pretty eyes

Crossroadsgrl's avatar

Oh. And loves God.
Deal breaker here, how could I not list it
Did I mention tall with pretty eyes and sweet??

Crossroadsgrl's avatar

Let’s narrow it down~ now I’m just amusing myself lol
Tall Dark Cute
Loves God ~more than me even ( wo)
Funny! ( I’ll take goofy just TRY )

Sexy confidence

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ohhhh i LOVE guidos !!!

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doesnt matter what you look like on the outside its whats in the inside that counts! i like the guys that are tall & is like a cuddly teddy bear! i like the guys that like to cuddle & hangout a bunch! go out & watch a movie. i like to be treated like a princess, but as long as im treated like a girl is supposed to be treated than that works for me!(:

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I’d prefer him to be smart and decent looking. We need to have some common interests, but I can deal with it if he loves football. I don’t care if he’s rich or not, and I’d like him to be a little possessive but not to the point where he yells at me if I talk to the drive thru guy at McDonalds. I’d feel kinda awkward if he was shorter than me by a lot, but if he’s the same height I can live with that.

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Its really different for everyone.. my best friend and i are very different. i like tall, big muscled juice head guidos who like to party hahha, and she likes the tall skinny skater type who just like to chill.. its different for everyone he doessn have to be anything specific what he should be is someone you like that loves you back.. he can be rich or poor. ugly or handsome. skinny or fat.. it what you like not all of us on fluther.

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First off he has to have good hair or even better, a mohawk or fohawk (hawt!) and he HAS to be into the same music as me. (hard rock) and he better be a Motley Crue fan. I don’t really care about money, he just should have good fashion sense. I prefer it if he has a six pack (yum!) and nice biceps but it doesn’t really matter that much. I like guys who have clear skin and pretty eyes as well. As far as possessiveness goes, I want to be able to hug other guys and talk to guys who are just friends, but the minute a guy hits on me there I want my boyfriend to set him straight or it tells me that he doesn’t care. I want him to be sweet to me.
If a beautiful girl is dating an average guy there must be something she sees that others don’t, or maybe he’s special to her for some reason. No matter her reason it’s her choice and if she likes him she should date him.

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tall, smart but not a total nerd, friendly, willing to spend a LOT of time outdoors, hot but not a jerk, respective.

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