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How can a message for me disappear?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) March 16th, 2011

I had the notification an hour or two ago, but no new message. Did the user delete it before I could read it? I was under the assumption you couldn’t delete messages you send. What the heck happened?

Yes, this is my attempt to say “If you sent me a pm Wednesday evening, March 16th, I didn’t receive it. Not being a bitch and ignoring you.” =)

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I’m not sure, but I think if that user was banned, their messages go with them. That happened to me before. I sent a user a PM and he wrote back and the alert for the new PM was there, but when I opened it, there was nothing and that person’s profile was gone. None of his previous PM’s I had already received were there either.

And you’re right. You can’t delete messages you send.

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@Vunessuh That’s interesting. Is anybody missing around here?

I’ve had that happen also a couple of times; notification was lit but no messages were there. I closed my browser and restarted and the messages showed up like magic.

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I got a spam message earlier and it wasn’t there when I went back to report it. The mods probably cleaned it out before you saw it.

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It was almost certainly a spam PM. We haven’t banned any regular members in a while.

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So if one gets a spam PM, that message is deleted from the recipient’s message page once the spammer’s account is deleted?

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Yep. It happens automatically. :)

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I see. Thank you!

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Everyone above is lying. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! Your message was likely stolen by the same person who stole my chocolate and janbb’s nooks and crannies! There was no spam involved, I know, because I ate it already!

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@WillWorkForChocolate hmmm, spam and chocolate mixed together? Can’t say I’ve ever thought of combining the two. Will have to give it a try.:)

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Ewww, no. Never eat spam and chocolate together. You will develop fuschia polka-dots. And really bad gas.

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@augustlan Weird, 2 people have told me they’ve been banned recently. Although I have seen one back on here later.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Instead, eat ham and jam and spam a lot.

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This has turned into something from Dr. Seuss’ nightmares. Ham, spam, polka-dots and chocolate… was there green beer for breakfast? More importantly, is there any left?

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@augustlan Oh! I looked through my FB messages – one did say ‘suspended’ not banned and the other one suspended himself, in that, it was his own decision…that’s the one that’s back

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—@Blueroses No, I had coffee for breakfast, but it did have a wee bit o’ oirish in it. We will be having green beer with our dinner though. =0)

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Hey, @WillWorkForChocolate , watch those accusations! You’ve already pinned the nook and cranny caper on me, but I know better than to steal chocolate, too!

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@JilltheTooth But seriously, things keep disappearing around here! I’m tellin ya’, we’ve got a fluther thief on our hands!

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@jonsblond, a little spam, a little chocolate, a well-stocked kitchen, and you have Spam Mole.

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I think I must have had the same message, which leads me to think that it was a spam / ban issue where the user account was killed and outstanding messages from that user went down the pipe, too.

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So now that we have that settled, who’s up for a little food fight?

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I’m picturing that scene in Animal House now…

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