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Is outsourcing the medical transcription work to off-shore companies an advisable practice?

Asked by Ressel_D (2points) March 18th, 2011

I am thinking of outsourcing medical transcription to an offshore company. Is this the best idea? Can anyone suggest a good company for medical transcription outsourcing?

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I would do my own “due diligence.” Don’t ask people on the internet.

Ask your professional peers if the now use or know of transcription company off-shore.

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Why in the world would you want to offshore medical transcription work to non-native speakers? It sounds like a lawsuit in the making. It’s hard enough to find skilled transcriptionists within a medical specialty.

Perhaps move towards a system where each doctor types their own notes directly into the file and no transcription is needed. That’s what my doctor’s practice does. There are monitors in each exam room, and they type up the notes themselves rather than dictating. The ortho I go to does the same thing.

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Have you ever given a thought that by doing this, a persons medical records are not sacred, anymore?

If the ship is international waters, they can do as they please with your medical records and my medical records.

I would not consider this choice.

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This idea creates problems for everyone. It’s not a good idea to send work off to a foreign country where English (if your business is in an English speaking country) is not the first language, and the laws are different. Also, it’s a terrible idea with regards to the economy in our (your) country. When you ship jobs overseas, a jobs are lost in the U.S (or whichever country you are in, sorry I don’t know where you are writing from). Take pride in the workforce of your own country.

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