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Queenie is stuck in bed, and stuck in a rut. What should she look up on the internet that could get her out of her boredom?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16083points) March 19th, 2011

No links, just search terms to google.

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Secret horrors of Appalachia

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Pinhole photography

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ocean life and Smtihsonian

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YouTube search for:

*Giggling babies
*Talking dog
*Puppy playing with baby
*Talking Cat

That list keeps my son & I chuckling for some time on a cloudy/sick in bed day.

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The arts of Indian or Thai cooking

Sexy photos of Alan Rickman like this one

The 100 most influential pieces of classical music

How to make pie crust from scratch

Michelle Kwan figure skating programs (she’s my fave) like this

How to care for houseplants

How to make mosaic artworks like this

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Walk around 17 of our most spectacular museums and pick out the paintings that you love. Tilt them, enlarge them, stroll around them, read the history and artistic tidbits in the sidebar.

See Botticelli’s Birth of Venus at the Uffizi, as one example.

KateTheGreat's avatar is a pretty funny website that I go on for a couple of laughs.

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Google: “cats+sit+like+humans”

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Dream Patios.

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I have an assignment for her….she needs to figure out how a tiny little island nation like Japan could become SO powerful!

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Check out some gigapixel pictures such as this winter scene of the Strathmore Valley in winter.

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How to successfully do the rubric’s cube?
The secret life of jellyfish (then write us an essay).
How to read old handwritten manuscripts without going blind or getting a headache? Please pass on tips.

Ten top tips for a successful cacti garden.

Make your own drugs from cacti (the Australian government wants to ban people from having certain cacti because they might make drugs from them….sighs….)

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wow,thanks guys…I’m gonna try some of the suggestions out right now.
Not too keen on writing an essay though cringe…. ; )

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Rebecca Black… bahahahahaha

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It offers you to create custom stuff online and save it to a little folder. There are endless things to find you thought you’d want.

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@Mariah, are we sure Rebecca Black isn’t really Jamie Lynn Spears with her hair died black?

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“Red shoes” fashion
Werewolf legends
“sock puppets”

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Gold Mining / Prospecting / Panning
Cloud Seeding

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Is she out of bed yet? Is she ready to help me paint the room?

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Hmm, I’m not out of bed yet…the doc said I can’t stand or put any pressure whatsoever on the foot for at least 4 weeks,,,,
@Dutchess_III ...what colour are you painting your room then?

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@queenie, that’s enough time to hand-piece a quilt top!

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@BarnacleBill That’s a great idea. She could even make one with a Fluther theme! Either she could have jelly fish designs, or she could make designs out of some of our avatars. Wouldn’t that be neat? And unique.

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WOW… @Kardamom @BarnacleBill….you guys have come up with a superb idea….I might even have a go : )

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In about 4 weeks I’ll be painting it Marzipan. The same as the rest of my house. So much prep work to do first, though. Bleh.

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haha,, @Dutchess_III good luck your highness : )

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LOL! Well, get better quick, Queenie! You haff work to do!

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