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What can a person do when they're bored?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) January 27th, 2011

It’s really simple, actually. I’m bored to death, I have NO idea what to do? Help?

Plus: Don’t suggest going out, because I can’t at the moment.
Don’t suggest Facebook/Twitter because it isn’t working.
Not fluther, because I’m already on it.
Not games; Not really into them..

I need like things to search, real-life activities to do, anything I can waste my time with, I also like Gossip shit or like girl shit, so any ideas what I can research ?
(It’s night-time so I can’t do any morning activities.)
Thank you. <3

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Draw or paint
Make a collage
Research a politcal or social issue on the internet
Phone a friend
Look at for novel internet ideas

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Read a book.

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go to and help poor lost souls with their relationship and romance issues.

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Give yourself a little self-pleasure time? perhaps? :-)

Seduce thyself

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What about looking at random videos on youtube? Although that could be a dead-end quickly…Erm…I have no idea, given that when I’m bored and online I just end up surfing the BBC website until i’m bored of that too!

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Gosh, @Luiveton, you must be interested in something. Whatever that is, pursue it and learn about it. Google it, read books about it, figure out whether it’s a hobby or a potential money-making venture, become enough of an expert about it to get others interested in it with you… just do it and stop feeling bored.

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Practice stillness. Stillness is skill people have largely forgotten, and it’s a necessary step before any kind of meaningful meditation is possible. Stillness means learning to accept boredom. Just sit. When your mind starts screaming for something, anything to distract it, just continue to sit. When you start you’ll find it difficult to last even a handful of minutes, which will seem like eternities, but with time and practice you’ll learn to simply acknowledge that you feel bored without the need to mainline stimulation to keep it at bay.

Thoreau wrote in his journal that he could spend the entire day doing nothing but looking out the window and consider it a day well spent.

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My mother always said..“Go clean your room!”

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Go through all your summer things, and bag up stuff that you don’t like or wear to take to a consignment store. It will be time for spring/summer consignments. Call around and find out what consignment stores are taking stuff, if they need to be on hangers, etc., how they pay. Once you get the stuff out of your room, make a list of all the new things you want for the summer.

Fix clothes that need fixing. Buttons, hems, etc.

Start making valentine cards, crafty things for your friends.

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If you have a bunch of magazines laying around, go through them and pull out the articles, pictures and recipes that you wanted and organize them into a folder. Get a binder and then come up with all sorts of categories (fashion, room design, recipes, household tips, stores you want to try, health info, websites you want to look up etc.) and make yourself a book so when you find other stuff that fits the categories, later, you can just pop them into the right section of your book.

Go through your house and find a book that you’ve been meaning to read. Or pick up one that you read, and liked, from a long time ago and re-read it.

Make a list of some of the foods you’d like to try this year or recipes that you would like to find (then find them online when you get back on the computer) I’m confused as to whether you can actually use the computer. If you can, just hop onto Google and start looking for recipes then put some of them into your favorites.

Go through your pantry and pull out 10 or 20 items that you will donate to the food bank. Organize and clean the shelves of your pantry so you can find things easier.

Go through the dictionary, randomly, find 100 words that you find to have very interesting definitions then come back in a week (or tomorrow if you’re quick) and let us know which ones were your favorites.

Go through your sock drawer and pull out all of the old raggedy ones that you never wear and organize, by color, the rest of them.

Find a picture in a magazine or a photo that you like, get a paper and pencil and try to draw.

Go through the newspaper or a magazine and put “quote bubbles” over people’s heads with funny things that the folks might be saying. Let us know if you come up with any good ones.

Go outside, take a deep breath, look up at the sky. Get a lawnchair and sit outside in the night air for a little bit. When you are ready to come back inside, tell us what you saw, how the air smelled, what sounds you heard, what you were thinking.

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Start that knitting project/model plane kit/ship in a bottle you’ve been putting off
Learn oragami (you don’t need special paper, it just makes it look nicer)
Watch movies (if you don’t know what, try anything that’s been nominated for Best Picture or the works of an actor you like. Or Monty Python) You can find many on Netflix
Watch tv on Hulu
Paint your nails – give yourself a full manicure
Makeover – experiement with new makeup combos and techniques
Try doing a new, complicated hairdo (using a curling iron kicks my ass regularly)
Give yourself a facial
Read a book you’ve been putting off
Read a classic book
Read a book you’ve read before and loved
Read a magazine
Read that magazine/newspaper article you meant to but didn’t have time for
Fix that leaky sink/squeaky step/loose screw
Buy a small can of a fun color of paint, and paint designs and doodles on your wall. If you mess up, get the old color out and just paint over it (requires a bit of planning beforehand)
Read Cracked or TVTropes or a webcomic you like
Get your behind on Tumblr
Do your laundry
Snuggle with your pet

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Listen to music
Take pictures
Play on photoshop
Subscribe to news feeds
Sign petitions at

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This site!

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