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Why do people buy babies or kids illegally from the black market ?

Asked by Truth_and_Freedom (122points) March 19th, 2011

First, sorry if this question offends anyone. I know this is a hard subject because it’s dealing with small children. I’m asking this question out of curiosity because I saw a documentary about it.

Why would some people buy babies or kids from the black market, meaning illegally ?

Do you think some parents sell their children because they can’t take care of them, or want them to have a better life ?

Do adults who buy babies or kids give them to adoption agencies ? Do you think any adults are predators ? Do you think some people who buy kids just use them to work in sweat shops ?

What kind of people do you think would do this ?

I’m simply curious and concerned about the subject.

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I think the people who buy children mostly want them for themselves and have been having a lot of trouble adopting a child. Parents will sell their children because they live in desperate poverty and they have a lot of kids. I think this is pretty standard thing to do in many very poor parts of the world. Usually they use a convenient fiction—that the child is being taken to the city to work. Unfortunately, the work they get is usually prostitution. For younger children, the work they get is to be a professional child for some childless couples.

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Some people aren’t able to conceive or legally adopt, so they resort to purchasing children. Sometimes the intentions are not so bad, although definitely seedy and illegal. It is more common in poverty stricken countries, although it does happen more often than one would think.
However, human trafficking tends to lean more toward the malicious, with children being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery all over the world.

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The adoption process is very complicated and time consuming. People may just want to speed things up. There may be a racial component as well. I know a lot of people adopt foreign children, which adds an extra level of complexity, and I believe that part of the reason for this is that it is difficult to find white children to adopt in the U.S.

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Some people are so very desperate to be parents, they would do anything to get a child. They tell themselves that they can give the child a “better” life.

Some parents may be so very desperate for food that they sell a child because they believe the child will have a better life.

Some people are predators who misuse children.

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The question is very broad. There are probably multiple reasons people would buy or sell babies/children. I would guess above a certain age (sometime in infancy) anyone who would buy a child probably has nefarious reasons. However, as some have already stated there are many couples who cannot have children and the adoption process being what it is, would resort to buying a baby instead of going through the process. Those who sell children probably also have multiple reasons. But on the selling end of it, I really cannot imagine altruism (wanting the child to have a better life) as a primary reason.

This practice and the reasons behind it on both sides would definitely vary by the country including poverty level and social ethics in that country.

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@optimisticpessimist beat me to it.

People would sell their child to a loving home if they felt the new parents could better provide for their child and they could not afford themselves. If you think they’re going to a more suitable place and reap some sort of benefit, it’s hard to turn down in a dire situation.

Just to note- There are a lot of cases where “agents” will promise loving homes and essentially sell the children into slavery in people’s homes. Or, they were kidnapped to begin. Purchasing parties are either desperate to have the family they’ve always wanted, or have intentions of mistreating the child.

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i think that not alot of people buy kids only because they cant have one maybe its because of that but, sometimes they want them just to get money they can used them for stealing or etc.

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