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What can i do for my external hard drive?

Asked by ppcakes (457points) April 17th, 2008

i accidentally dropped my hard drive a few weeks ago, since i dropped it, it wont work on my computer anymore, it wont connect, or even show up. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was anything i could possibly do to selvage it or just get the information off of it.

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well, let’s start with the basics, when you turn it on, what do you hear? go ahead, no one is looking, put your ear on the drive, is it spinning, is it ticking, or just doing nothing?

keep us posted

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right now my friend has it at his house, he has the same one, he said it sounds exactly like his.
if that helps thats the one i have

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I’m guessing that it is usb and u disconnected it while data was being transfered. This is a limitation of USB. Sometimes people get it working, but it seems like mostly luck. The actual hard drive should be working, it just doesn’t connect.

If I’m wrong, then maybe ur disk head just got scratched? Try going to run and typing in diskmgmt.msc and looking for it there.

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Very important-was it plugged in and spinning? Was it reading or writing data when it dropped?

You could transfer the drive to another enclosure to rule out a bad interface board or USB module.

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i believe my friend ran disk warrior on it, im not sure what it is but he told me thats what he was going to do, he told me it was screwed but he doesnt work with computers and i know some of you are much more educated then him on this.
@snd, yes the hard drive was plugged in, i was in the middle of transferring my music over to it and it fell off my desk, which is about 4ft from the ground, and hit pretty hard, i immediately tried to catch it but i was pretty late, delayed reaction i guess. i dont care about the hard drive, if its fucked, its fucked, but i would realllly like to get some of the things off of it, like all of my pictures from highschool, which i did not have backed up on anything else.
also how would i transfer the drive to another enclosure to rule out that bad interface board or USB module, my best friend has the same one, so could i try his USB or does that mean something else, im sorry i am computer savvy, but not really with the technology of it.

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ooh…that may indicate a scratched platter. Only other shot is to do a swap out of the enclosures. It’s pretty straightforward-just open up both cases, unplug the hard drives (two cables-the four pinned power wire harness (has a red and black wire and usually to more wires), and the data cable harness (the longer flat cable; make sure that the pins line up as there are some drives out there with different interfaces-ATA, Serial ATA, etc.). It’s likely that if the enclosures are identical the interface types are also identical, but it’s easy to eyeball (visually inspect) this.

This may sound weird, but do a smell check on the original hard drive and enclosure; it may have some fried components; also when you open it, perform a visual inspection of the drive and the components on the inside; if anything looks burnt or melted, that’s bad news.

Hope this helps, and probably goes without saying, but we’ve all learned the hard way; I lost about 120GB of tunage about a month ago…still trying to cope…

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i’ll try this, and ill let you know, thank you so much <3

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