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I need a translator for the language of women.

Asked by silenceiswar (125points) March 20th, 2011

I’ve been talking to a girl for a little over a month now. We get along great; our conversations flow easily and are always full of laughter. The only problem is whenever we instant message each other, she always falls asleep! It makes me feel…strange. However, we DO tend to talk for hours..sometimes until two in the morning. Why is it that she falls asleep? Do I give her too much attention?

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Relax!! Trust me, if she’s regularly staying up til two am talking to you, then she’s very into you… but you can’t blame her for being tired and falling asleep if you’re keeping her up that late! (And no, you are not giving her too much attention!)

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Relax?! hahaha. She is allowed to go to bed…I just wish she said goodnight. xP
I think I’m in love. O.O Thanks for the answer.

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She’s probably so eager to keep talking to you she doesn’t realize she’s falling asleep. Be flattered.

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When I was a teenager, I would talk on the phone for hours with my boyfriend in the middle of the night. One or the other of us frequently fell asleep in the middle of this, and I always thought it was kind of sweet. :)

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I feel better about it already. LOL.

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She gets tired! No “language or women” just people’s biology.

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Try clicking the heels of new dress shoes together….she will come charging like a Wildebeest in heat! ;)

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@Cruiser Is that what works for you?

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@janbb everytime….though sometimes I have to sprinkle in take-out or harmonica lessons….but the new shoes seem to work best! ;)

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She falls asleep because:

1. It is late at night.

2. You have talked for hours.

It just means that she is tired. Nothing else.

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no hidden signal in my book. Worry when she doesnt want to talk.
dont over think….. enjoy what you have.

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No, you are normal and she is normal. My wife and I did the exact same thing, before we married each other. We both would fall asleep on the phone. After a ten minute “cat nap”, we both would wake up and start talking again.

We did not have cellphones in the 60s, so our phone conversations were landline.

One other point, sometimes when a woman says “no”, it really means yes. Its up to you to figure out her true answer.

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Maybe you should cut the conversation off yourself and say goodnight before she falls asleep, so then you will not worry about this, and you will have gotten a proper goodbye!

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I wouldn’t worry about it.:)

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I have a friend I met online about a year ago and we text or msn almost every night. Often, one or the other of us will drift off to sleep mid-conversation. It’s part of the comfort and ease of our relationship.

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Sounds like she really likes you and would enjoy continuing your conversations and doesn’t want to say goodbye or goodnight. But 2:00 am is way too late for anyone (who isn’t working the graveyard shift) to be up.

You guys should set a time limit and then try to stick to it. That way, she won’t feel like she has to abruptly cut off the conversation and be the first one to hang up or say goodnight.

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The most likely reason she falls asleep is probably because she’s tired.

If you really want a translator for women, get yourself one of these.

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Lolz,this used to happen to me all the time… truth was I just got so tired at 4 in the morning…and his voice was kinda lulling…

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hahaha. Thanks for all of these great answers.

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Jesus, don’t we all.

What? The mike is on? Shit. (clears throat.) Well, son, my best advice to you is to listen. Take into account all the inflections and her body language just as you would any other speaker of foreign languages. And, unlike another recent questioner here, never, never, never speak to women of other women. They have a very efficient way of communicating with each other that you nor I will ever fathom and through this they will find out everything anyway without your help. And resign yourself to the fact that well into your geriatric years you will still be asking this very same question, only using different words and in greater confusion.

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