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Any way to practice web page creation offline?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 20th, 2011

When I was 11, I created a web page for my guild in Neopets, lol. It was well done, and I remember constantly practicing on a blank neopets page that we were given to play with. They had their own tutorial on basic web design, and I kept experimenting.

Well, 8 years later I want to get back into practicing. Is there some way offline that I can play around with HTML? Maybe using notepad and a web browser?

If not, list some ways I can practice HTML, so I can play around with web page creation and see my work.


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You can do HTML, CSS, and Javascript with just notepad and a web browser.

Just save the file with an .html extension and it should interpret correctly.

W3Schools is a great place to start, they have basic guides and you can figure out what you want to explore further from there.

Good luck with it.

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Thanks man, all other answers will be appreciated too.

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If you feel like really going crazy you can set up Apache, PHP and MySQL on your computer and do nearly everything. I run Linux with all of that and use it for writing web pages before I send it up to my hosting company.

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@mrentropy What are those programs? They are html programs for web page creation?

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@robdamel Apache is a web server, MySQL is a database, PHP is a server side language that can be used to dynamically create web pages. Like I said, it’s only something you’d want to do if you felt like going crazy.

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I love the whole suite of Adobe products and Dreamweaver is great for web design. It is a html program for web page creation.

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Notepad or a program like frontpage or dreamweaver is all you need.

You can find plenty of free WYSIWYG editors out there, but in my opinion, Frontpage from Microsoft or Dreamweaver from Adobe are the best… But neither is free.

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try using pure HTML and PHP

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