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What attracts you to social networking web sites and what features are still missing?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) December 17th, 2009

Fluther is a social networking so you can talk about features that are still missing here or in any other web site you love to use.

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missing: the ability to zap the other players with electricity.

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Instead of missing how about something that exists but should be missing: those damned farm games on Facebook!

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I’m on it because all my old friends from high school are on it. I’m not at home anymore.

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I do not advise websites. The only time you hear from me is if the features are not working correctly.

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I want an easy way to download all that I have written.

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@ninjacolin – I want a way to blow people up that spam crappy status updates.

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I came here because many of my friends from a site that exploded went here too. I stayed here because the indigenous people are also nice.
But people are not a feature.

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I signed up for several blogs because I knew the people personally, in real life, and eventually become acquainted with several people I had not actually met. I am not on any of the various “real time” chat sites because I am very uncomfortable with “chatting”. I keep some open for urgent messages only.

I participate in several question and answer sites because I have discovered that I truly enjoy answering questions.

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I would love to see a feature that would allow me to plug in an up-datable list of words and phrases that I find offensive and then remove them from anything I might be looking at.

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I suspect there is already such a feature available (besides the “Poser of Ignore”), but I don’t know of a specific application.

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I am not big on Facebook or Linkedin and not even registered for Twitter. I had a go at Propeller, Yahoo ANswers, Google Answers, Answerbag and now Fluther because I thoroughly enjoy the exchange of ideas and the occasional thoughtful debate.

What would I like. Improved ability to separate comments from answers, with indented threading of comments.

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I’m happy just the way it is, thanks.

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I like being connected to other people. That’s probably the number one thing that draws me to social networking web sites. The #1 feature I’d like to see that still seems to be missing (on Facebook, at least) is the ability to hide our friends’ lists from people on our friends’ lists.

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I can socialze and not put my cothes on, I mean sit here in my pj’s with my hair standing on end so much easier. The downfalls are the net can be just so creepy at times. :(

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@Just_Justine No question the Net can get seriously creepy, but seriously creepy people can show up in bars and singles night out spots as easily as they can show up on social networking sites and chatrooms. At least, if you are careful about privacy settings and don’t disclose too much about yourself on the Net, it’s harder for them to follow you home. :-)

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@ETpro you are 100% right sheesh, I wish we could shove up privacy setting in real life!!

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What is missing…
Hmm how about the other 60% of human communication, voice intonation, body language – and the occasional flirt instead of a… poke. ;)

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I came here to see if I could find like-minded people. But it would be nice if we could have a lively discussion without crap throwing. I’m guessing that won’t be happening anytime soon.

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I wouldn’t really call Fluther a social networking site. There’s community, but it’s more incidental than deliberate.
And because it’s incidental, it’s far more real than, say, on Facebook. Community grows, but it cannot be grown.

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Anonymous, surveys for really personal questions.

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I’m new to Fluther so maybe there is a way to do it but I don’t know how yet. I would like to add a picture to the message other than by using a link.

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@Earthgirl Welcome to Fluther. Sorry, but that’s one nicety that Fluther doesn’t support. I too would welcome it. I can imagine, though, that bandwidth and piracy of copyrighted images can be huge problems for sites that do allow image or video uploads.

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ETpro, understood, and thanks for the welcome! I am already a Fluther fan. You had said previously that you’d like improved ability to seperate answers from comments. While I agree with stanger in a strange land that it is good just as it is, I would think that if people really wanted it, it would be possible to set it up so that comments would be highlighted in a different color than answers. It could be programmed so that when you type your text there are two choices. Instead of just answer only there could be a choice called comment that by clicking on it would determine the highlight color. Just throwing it out there. Personally I think part of the beauty of Fluther is it’s simplicity.

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@Earthgirl What I have seen on other sites is that answers go hard left, then comments are indented one step right under the answer they apply to, comments on a comment go another step to the right, and so forth. That works till yoo get a heated debate breaking out and comments on comments on comm… You get the picture. They eventually end up in a little right column the width of a postage stamp. It does help that you can hover the mouse just to the right of the flag icon at the bottom of a answer or comment and get the URL of it to use as a bookmark to what you are commenting on. That lets you point to a post even if that poster has posted subsequently in the thread.

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There’s no option to delete your question and answer on here.

There’s no option to comment on someone’s else’s answer. It would be helpful if the users could use a comment button that pertains to the answer, instead of the @ feature on your keyboard. Sometimes it can get a little messy trying to keep track of who said what, what post was commented on.

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@AshlynM Each GUI comes with its own set or positives and negatives. It does seem to me that if we had the ability to make something akin to a marginal note commenting on an answer or comment , we might avoid the occasional derailing of the original intent of the question. Currently, the Mods sometimes have to step in to bring a dicsussion back on topic.

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Facebook is missing a multitude of things. A “sod off” button for one. A group blocker. I hate the suggested pages and suggested people I may know but don’t really know nor am I likely to want to know (anti-social I know but why bother if it’s just shoved in your face?) and also bloody Zinga games. I can’t stand them.

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For me social networking sites helps me to remain update and in touch with my friends, societies and others like minded people

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Old question, but the answer might be relevant. Necessity attracts me to Facebook. I use Messenger to communicate with my girlfriend while she is at work… Yahoo Messenger drains her battery too quickly, and SMSes are too expensive. Facebook’s Messenger App is extremely battery-light, and cost effective.

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I dot mess with social networking. Call me paranoid, but Facebook is a goldmine for identity thieves and Alphabet Agencies, and as far as Twitter, I’ve never felt like the fate of the cosmos hangs on my every idle remark,

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