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Moving from Rabat (Morocco) to Brooklyn !

Asked by Cendrella (6points) March 20th, 2011

Hello everyone I am Moroccan and I would like to follow my studies at Brooklyn College. I would like to know how much money I’m going to spend to live in Brooklyn ( the rent, subway, food… and all) I want to have an estimate !
Which neighborhood you advise me? In fact I intend to rent a furnished studio .

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My daughter’s boyfriend is moving to Brooklyn from somewhere else in the US, and he is budgeting $30,000 for the first year’s expenses.

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thank’s for answering if you have any further informations please let me know i will really appreciate it

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Rents are higher in NYC than most American cities. You may want to also look in Queens. Look at university housing first, until you get a feel for where you would want to live. Food in NYC is cheaper than other parts of the country. You can get a subway pass that makes transportation affordable and relatively easy. Lots of walking happens.

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Thank’s a lot. Do you have any idea about part time jobs ? Because i think that i’m obliged to work in parallel with studies, apart being waitress i wouldn’t find a gainful job to cover my expenses? I was told that i will find difficulties because i’m Arab !!!
Concerning Queens i prefer brooklyn to be near Brooklyn College and my best friend is coming with me so she will be my room-mate then i will pay just the half. Thank’s again for answering.

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