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Are foot socks for running any good?

Asked by remambermee (442points) March 21st, 2011

I’m looking to buy some new running shoes, and people who own them (and don’t), what are your opinions on them?

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Foot socks?

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I love running socks. My favs are any with arch compression like these my personal favs are New Balance, but I couldn’t find a pic of the ones I buy.

Then, I also like toe socks like these for jogging & working out in.

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@SpatzieLover Hey! Long time no see! This is Val123 here…

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@Dutchess_III I thought your answers sounded familiar…I was confused ;) Glad to see you!

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I haven’t purchased any of these yet. I keep reading conflicting views on their goodness and not so goodness.

So @SpatzieLover you have them and use them? Wait, I just looked at your links and you are really referring to socks, I thought you meant the minimalist running shoes with toes. I like Thorolo running socks, they say Experia on the top and are very thin except for some padding in impact spots. Of course I run in extreme heat, I don’t know how they would feel in colder climes.

Now I just looked at the question again, you are referring to the shoes, omg I am so confused.

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The running shoes are usually referred to as barefoot running shoes:

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@SpatzieLover – I am confused, In the question, the OP says “looking to buy some new running shoes” but in the header says foot socks.

Guess we will have to wait for her to return and tell us what she means!

Your link re barefoot running shoes is what I was thinking of. Have you tried them and what do you think? I was tempted just for the fun of it but they are over 200 a pair here and that just seems like too much money!

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haha sorry! I did mean the shoes, the barefoot running shoes

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