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What can you do for shin splints?

Asked by Jude (32198points) April 21st, 2010

I’ve been jogging these past few weeks (5 times/week) and the last few days I’ve been having bad shin splints. Is there anything that I could do for them (exercises)?

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Stand on your tippy-toes on the edge of a stair or curb then slowly lower your heel towards the ground.Do one leg at a time.I would stretch before and after :)

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Before starting out with your jog, make sure you do warm up stretching to get the circulation of blood through your leg muscles to loosen them up. Then after the jog or run, you do cooling down activities. Refer to this for some tips

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When I was in track and field, I was apart of the sprint team. We would often do 200m sprints at about 80–90% of full speed. By the end of the season, I’d have the worst shin splints ever.

What we would do to minimize shin splints while in practice, was for each meter ran forward, we would walk backwards an equal distance.

Shin splints is caused from the calf muscle growing in size, and applying pressure on the shin. But if you work the front muscles of your legs more often, it counters back a bit.

Also, I would take ibuprofen before running if the shin splints were too painful. Help relieve some of the pain.

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For now, would an ice pack help (along with the ibuprofen)?

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@jjmah yes, an ice pack with ibuprofen will help.

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When you resume running again, review the quality of your running shoe and get the best you can afford if your current pair is older than 6 months. Stay off the pavement if you can and run in the woods or grass to lesson the impact on your bones.

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Run on an indoor track.

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Reverse lunges.

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Rest is very helpful. My coach also use to tell me to put a bunch of pennies on the ground, pick them up with my toes and drop them into a can or something. I also have flat feet which makes my shins hurt so I wear orthotics.

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Make sure you warm up for a few minutes before your runs, do some light stretching before and deep stretching after, and most of all make sure you’re not pushing it too hard. I had terrible shin splints at one point while in Track and slow adjustment was key.

Where are your splints exactly? Along the front of your shins or on the inside just above either ankle?

If they never go away, look into barefoot running and/or Vibram FiveFingers. Those helped strengthen my lower legs and feet and I’ve never had another shin splint since!

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Whenever I started to develop shin splints, I would go buy a new set of running shoes. 19&½ years of running in the Marine Corps has taught me that running shoes need to be replaced approximately every 6 months or so.

The only exception I have found to this is the Fivefinger shoes I have been using for a year now, but just out of habit I have been looking at getting a new pair.

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