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Which camper would you buy?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41750points) March 22nd, 2011

OK. You’re looking at two used pop up campers. One is a 2001 that you can get for $1800. Pretty good buy, and the bank says they can loan you up to $2500 on it. It’s pretty nice. Has a working fridge, AC and heater.

Camper number two, though is SWEET. It’s also a 2001 and it’s substantially larger. In addition to two king-sized slide out beds, it has a slide-out dining area. It has a shower and a bathroom and AC, all that good stuff. It’s $6000, the bank says they can loan you up to $8,000.

Husband is working with the bank. He calls you and says, “We can do the first one for $100 a month, or, for only $50 a month more we can get the nicer one.” The $1,800 would be a two year note, the $6,000 would be a five.

What would you do? And which ever one you choose, would you borrow the full loan amount, or just what you needed to buy the thing?

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I would borrow what I needed and get the cheaper one.
I spend more time outdoors than inside when I am camping so I wouldn’t need much.

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Well, I’d buy option number one and pay with cash. Though I really prefer a tent with sleeping bags and a campfire for cooking.

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It depends on how often you are planning to use it. The more expensive one is definitely nicer. However, you are talking about a five year commitment. If you are only planning to do the occasional weekend overnight camping trip a few times a year I would go with the cheaper one and invest in a camp shower and a portable chemical toilet along with a bathroom tent enclosure. For less than two of those larger payments you get pretty much the same functionality.

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I’m a tent camper so any pop-up would spoil me rotten. Pop-ups are not really camping per se’ so it would be hard to say. Paid for in 2 years or camping in style paid over a 5 year period? Would that extra money needed for the Taj Majal camper be put to other better uses?? I am cheap and would opt for the cheaper model and upgrade it if possible as needed. Use the extra cash to buy really huge string of patio lanterns!!

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I would probably get the cheaper one. I too like to tent camp, so the pop up would just be an added luxury. The place where we go camping has hot showers in the bathroom, so I wouldn’t need that (although it would be fabulous).

You should ask yourself how often you camp. If you camp a lot (like once a month) then the deluxe one would probably be best. If you only camp a couple of times a year, like during summer break, then the cheaper one would probably be just fine.

My dream vacation is to travel across country in one of those big modern motor homes and camp at national parks all over the U.S. My reality is that we tent camp once a year at our very favorite campground and it’s divine.

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We opted for the smaller one and took out exactly what we needed. We set it up today…just in time to take it down because storms are coming in. We’re happy!

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@Dutchess_III Where do you plan to camp? I totally have the camping bug right now, but it’s way too cold and it’s been raining around here.

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I’d buy the first one, fewer repair headaches and a lot less $ output.

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@Kardamom Usually at the lake. It’s getting nice here, finally!

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