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Have you done micro-lending?

Asked by crankywithakeyboard (649points) April 23rd, 2010

It sounds like something I would like to do. I like the idea of helping people with some of my extra money. What experiences have you had? Any particular websites that you recommend?

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Only with in the family.

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Take a look at; it’s not exactly micro-lending but a similar idea. You donate money to them and animals or seeds are given to residents in developing countries so that they can use the profits to improve their lives. When the animals have babies they are required to give one to another villager. It is a very worthwhile, grassroots approach to ameliorating conditions in poorer countries.

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I make loans through Kiva and I always find something interesting to lend to. I have always been paid back, though sometimes it takes longer than it was supposed to.

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Our Dutch princess does a lot of work for micro-lending in/for Africa.
I only do give some small amounts to some neighbours sometimes, but that is more for groceries or tabacco.
And they pay it back.

Edit: From what i read and heard about it it makes big differences for, especially, women in developping countries.
Some start small businesses with the small loans they get.
Good work, in my opinion.

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I have made a couple of Kiva loans. It’s great because once they’re paid off I can use the same money to help someone else. It also makes a great gift for someone who has everything. When I make a Kiva loan in my Mother in Law’s name, I usually frame a picture of the peron we’re helping and buy a stuffed animal if we are helping a farmer.
I don’t like Heifer because they spend such a large percentage of their money on administrative expenses. I looked them up on

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You could check out, but thats more of a dontation.

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