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You know that game where you have to choose just one or two things to take with you on a desert island?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) March 23rd, 2011

What would you choose of your electronic equipment if you could only have three things? I think we may have to begin making this kind of decision soon.

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Assuming I can’t take devices I could use to be rescued, like a computer, i would say a generator, my stage amp and my Les Paul. And i would starve to death i guess.

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I think I would have to bring a computer, with speakers and a headset.

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1. iPod touch (with headphone)
2. Fridge (comes with food)
3. Heater

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Next gen. iPad with a 32 inch screen – I don’t see very well.

I’d take @TheHornAndBeek with me and thus have access to his Les Paul and amp (plus handy generator). I just have an old guitar.

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@TheHornAndBeek You have a Les Paul. That rules. So you would starve while totally ROCKING OUT.

Everything would run out of batteries with no electricity. So I’d be desperately trying to McGyver an MP3 player out of coconuts and palm trees.

1) Laptop made out of coconuts
2) MP3 player that is actually a live lobster who is really talented at music, like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid
3) Espresso machine, so I can sip fancy lattes while losing hope of ever getting rescued

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I’m going with @Haleth.

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Another way to think of this is what are you willing to give up, electronically speaking?

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My guitar, my Droid fully loaded with MP3’s and a solar recharging station.

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Meh, doesn’t really matter. I’ll just go to the local electronics store for anything I need.

You never said this was an uninhabited desert island!

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@skfinkel I don’t have a lot of gadgets, just my phone (which isn’t even a smart one, dang it) and my computer. I’d give up the phone in a heartbeat, but I think I’d be terribly lost without the computer. I can even make phone calls from that, if it’s connected to the web.

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