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Can cannon digital cameras zoom in and out when they are taking video?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) December 25th, 2009

I am talking about the kind from the Power shot series. Example SD780 and or SD500. NOT video cameras. Just regular cameras that have video capabilities.

When I start taking video the camera lens cannot zoom in and out. But when I stop taking video I can adjust the zoom and then take video again.

Is that normal?

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I have a Powershot SX110 IS. Mine can zoom in and out while taking video.

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I guess I’ll clarify some more. The ultra portable kind. Elph series.

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My Canon PS50 cannot zoom while recording.

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Can Cannon do the can can can they can the can they can can….or not?

Sorry couldn’t help myself ;)

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My SD1000 did. (May god rest it’s soul)

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The SD780 does. I have one and I’ve used the function before. Don’t know about the others, but on Amazon, people might mention it in the reviews.

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