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How did you choose your Fluther icon?

Asked by Bri_L (12206points) April 18th, 2008

I chose mine because I think it’s kinda funny and looks like I am looking out at who ever is reading my text.

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This is a pic I took with photobooth, using ‘effects’ and I just think it looks cool.

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My avatar is a pic of me when i had my hair the longest =] Apparently everyone liked it, so thats why i use it =D

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It’s a picture of me, silly ;}~

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I just tried to find something that captured me in action during my daily routine.

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Mine chose me, really!

@Bri: I always thought yours was pointing out your answers! I like it!!!

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I chose mine because it was a good picture of me and beer. Two of the most important things in my life.

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Mine is a work by Banksy. Its a rat, chilling out, and listening to tunes (probably hip hop – I hope). He’s iced out with a dolla chain. Has his boom box by his side. What more do you need in life?
Wanna see it bigger?

I chose it because I love it.

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Banksy rocks! Didn’t they put his work in the Tate?

Allie's avatar

I don’t think they purposely put him in there, but I do know he smuggled one in.

Les's avatar

Mine is a snowman melting on Waikiki beach. I chose it because it makes me smile.

Allie's avatar

Les: That’s so cute. Snowman goes on vacation. =]

scamp's avatar

Mine pretty much speaks for itself.

Vincentt's avatar

It’s a picture of me from two years ago… I don’t really invest that much time in creating an avatar, so when I create one I use it everywhere. I created a newer one since I joined Fluther but I’m too lazy to update it :P

figbash's avatar

I intentionally use the Fluther default avatars to preserve anonymity. The last thing I need is someone from work happening upon what I’m really doing during productive time. Also, you never know who else will stumble upon this site.

klaas4's avatar

I needed to proof/prove (sorry Gail, still don’t know) that I’m 14.

Vincentt's avatar

@klaas4 – prove :) (proof is a noun)
@figbash – could you choose a non-default random avatar? That allows us to diffentiate your responses from those from others.

jamms's avatar

because everyone loves hypnotoad.

Bri_L's avatar

@ Babo- Thanks I like yours to!

@ ~said in a monotone voice~ “everyone loves hypnotoad”

BirdlegLeft's avatar

I like to change it up a little. This is my fourth. Kermit was on display in Air and Space Museum while we were in D.C. Because his other home was closed.

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I use mine on nearly every site and chat client I belong to. I love Calvin & Hobbes, and the pic of them hugging makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)

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@ Birdlegleft – your icon ROCKS! Jim Henson is a hero of mine. I love what he did and why.

@ Hearkat – C&H is one of the best written and illustrated comic strips ever. I read a book where the author commented on his craft and trade etc. To be honest it almost ruined the comic for me. There was a HUGE disconnect between the comic mood and the authors attitude as it came accross.

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I didnt. I’m a loser.

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I am going to change my avatar all the time. I take pictures, I share them this way.

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Is that you currently, Judo? I approve.

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@jamms i love hypnotoad….... O_O

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I took my picture of the sunrise while driving to Virginia Beach on my way to Warped Tour. I think it is pretty and brings back good memories of that day.

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@scamp-don’t take this the wrong way, but your avatar cuts off the last letter…

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@peedub:yes, on a friday night

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It is a picture of my beloved curious & opinionated cat Otto! I felt that since he is curious and opioniated it was purrrfect!

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Mine is my little jellyfish in utero!

My daughter in my wife’s belly!

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@bulb- Wow, I’ve been wondering what that was, that’s pretty awesome.

bulbatron9's avatar

Thanks P!
Bottom right – Head!
Bottom left – Feetsies!

This was the very first ultrasound picture, but we’ve had two more since then! Fluther has been blessed with my daughter’s first picture!

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bulbatron: ...I think I actually see her! Is she facing down?

buster's avatar

mine is a dead buzzard i found.

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It was one fo the choices fluther gave me.

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@Bri, thanks! Henson was pretty amazing and certainly changed the TV landscape.

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A lot of variety in the pictures.
Mine is an iPod silhouette of Gman from the video game series Half Life, running with an ipod.

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