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How do you determine wether you mark a question or answer as "great" or not?

Asked by Bri_L (12211points) April 19th, 2008

Just curious.

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I leave it up to impulse….....a question that makes me go “ha!” and go googling, and an answer that makes me laugh or go “hmm….good point” get marked as Great.

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Unique questions that are good conversation starters and not that typical how do you fix my computer or jailbreak my iphone?

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I mark it as great when I think it adds value to a question (for answers) or makes you think (for questions).

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Clarity, literacy, unpredictability, original humor, and answers that impart information, helpful hints, directions out of a labyrinth (viz: IRS questions) and the sense that we are a community and not a private club, frat house, beer hall or locker room.

Srmorgan, Cwlbur, johnpowell (most of the time), Tali, sndfreQ come to mind as people whose questions and answers I always admire (and understand on the first reading.)

I am omitting some people..sorry, but I don’‘t know who has left the bldg.

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For example, I have gotten enormous assistance with autism issues, about which I knew nothing, and cat ownership, about which I also knew nothing…altho I have noticed that my new cat trained me in less than 24 hrs

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For a question i look for something that has a particular interest for me. I don’t hand them out very often. Answers are kind of along the same lines. But also if the answer seems very well thought out or really addresses the person asking.

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Humor for sure. And when I agree with someone’s point. I tend to mark great answers more on questions I ask, because I feel like a douche, especially if its one of my more arcane questions.

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lol, was wondering why everyone was asking about the feet…just noticed now…wow..i normally don’t check the topics section…

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ice: check the topics.

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@ delirium Feet – I wanted a particular person to get the question and I know that is in their description (podiatry and all that) so I put that in.

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Bri L; why not write to a particular person in a comment? Remember the collective and keep it holy. It’s an interesting question, though; can people give themselves points. Sometimes the most ludicrous answers get points., *whether or not it warrants it.

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@ gailcalled – how do I do that again?

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I am finding it hilarious that anyone would ask me a tech question, but here goes.

1) <gailcalled>

2) If someone has answered a question somewhere, click on the avatar or the username.(Try me as a sample.)

3) type username in the white space to right of “contacts,“in orange horizontal menu bar; assuming that you are not on an iPhone but a computer.

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Questions I feel compelled to answer, enlighten me, or generate quality community interaction.

Answers with a quality insight to the question.
Answers that show this community is human without significantly degrading the question, and original humor.
Link to a similar topic

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@ gailcalled – thanks. hey, we all, at any given time, can know more about something than someone else in the room.

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Did my tech support work? What a miracle .

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I give great answer points when I agree with the answer give, got a laugh from it, or have learned something from it. I also do it to share some fluther lovin from time to time. I’m kind of surprised that I am the first in this thread to admit that. Sometimes it’s just because I am stalking someone…ha ha!!

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@ scamp YES! I have achieved my 15min.

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ha ha! Now come down out of that tree!!

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correct spelling of “whether” might influence me a tad.

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@ gailcalled – you know I knew it was wrong and I tried and tried and it wasn’t right so i thought, at the very least it would be interesting to see what it provoked. Funny, I never, in the 4 options I came up with, put an “h” after the “w”. I am a terrible speller.

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Wow! By your credentials I see you are just the person to help me. Thanks! Of course now I am all hyper aware.

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I have trouble with that word too. it never looks right to me. I have to use my spell checker to be sure.

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You are an honest man not to blame it on the iPhone.:-) And English is an odd language, as we have all agreed. I have spellcheck on Safari which makes it easy, but just now I had to look up the correct spelling for “ketchup” in a real dictionary, which I have surgically attached to me.

Weather is rain, snow, sun – whether is the other choice. Gotta run and live today away from here.

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