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Are you, or do you know, a habitual public restroom graffiti writer/artist?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6876points) March 26th, 2011

I was just meandering through a couple of sites ( and ) and was sort of wondering who takes time out from their day to articulate certain ramblings and such onto a public stall’s wall? And more importantly, who carries a Sharpie in their pocket at all times?

So have you found yourself contributing to the collective art project that is a public bathroom stall wall? What have you written or drawn?

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I haven’t since i was in college. There was a stall in the library known as the “Goat stall”. Someone had drawn a picture of a goat’s face on it, and all the graffiti was goat related. I think it was the anonymity of writing in public that was the attraction.

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I knew a guy named Aaron who was a tagger. We sorta dated for about half a yearr. He always had a marker on him, and tagged a bunch of stuff all over the place. Not just bathroom walls. It was pretty cool lol.

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@Symbeline yup, I have a friend who is an actual graffiti artist and started out tagging and doing stencils on buildings around Charleston, but now he actually gets paid to do graffiti murals around town in bars and restaurants. I am always teasing him about what a sell-out he has become. Graffiti for money? I mean, come on!

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Yeah man, but now he’s getting paid to do stuff he likes. :) You still have to tease him about it though. :D

You know, I hate how people don’t like graffiti and say that it ruins neighborhoods by defacing boring, drab surfaces. First of all who really cares about train carts or dive bar alley facings. If you ask me, graffiti brings a bit of colour and cheer in places. I guess I do understand office buildings and stores, but eh…I always liked watching trains go by because there’s always all this interesting art all over them.

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Totally. I live for bathroom graffiti. The randomness and the craziness of just what you might see when you walk in to take a pee is great. For the record, I also have a few friends who used to jump trains, and they would all leave their marks on the trains whenever possible.

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I went to high school with a graffiti artist (not a tagger, exactly, but like, real art in forbidden places). When our school caught him, they ended up putting him to work on beautifying the gloomy downstairs hallway. We all thought that was an awesome reaction, rather than having him arrested.

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Well sort of.

I spent a period of time with a red sharpie in my pocket. My contribution, if you could call it that, was to correct the grammar and spelling of graffiti in the restroom of local pubs, giving it a grade. Of course I did that when nobody was around.

I would return in a bit to see the most amazing things I had been called and correct that. I would grade the originality of the insults along with grading the writing skill. Again, I did that when nobody was around.

I really am not certain how I managed to survive that period based on the death threats left for me should they ever find out who was doing it.

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Lmao that’s hilarious. XD

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