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Pharma Jellies out there: does freezing a medication (in pill form) cause it to lose its efficacy?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19727points) March 27th, 2011

I’ll usually buy the BIG containers of things like Ibuprofen and such when they’re on sale, knowing I probably won’t use them up before their potency fades. Can I freeze some in an airtight container for future use? What about prescriptions, for example, sleep meds that may only be used rarely but are bought in lots of 30 pills?

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I’m no authority, but my son has acquired a lot of pharmaceutical knowledge through independent study, and he maintains that freezing pills prolongs their period of effectiveness.

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Thanks, @Jeruba , I was hoping so! I have no idea if the freezing process alters the chemical composition of the stuff…

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That’s good to know, because I habitually freeze my pharma.

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I can’t state which ones, but several, when I was very sick, had to be maintained within a certain temp range. Before you guess, talk to the pharmacist!

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