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Are we Indians real innovators in the social / web arena?

Asked by santoshannamalai (132points) March 27th, 2011

I strongly believe that there aren’t many companies which are trying to innovate new ideas from India. Rather they try piggybacking on successful ideas in the market. I just wanted to get a clear picture about this. Are we good enough to show up some real work?

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Innovation is not based upon race or ethnicity. I have no real knowledge about whether Indian companies are innovating or just piggybacking, but many companies from many countries piggy back. A good idea is a good idea no matter where it came from. There is no reason Indian companies would not be good enough ‘to show up some real work’. It is a matter of whether they are willing to take the risk or go with the tried and true.

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Is it that they are stereotyped as tech service switchboard operators for American companies who no longer use Americans?

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@woodcutter @optimisticpessimist Agree to your statements. All I could think is that the entire countrymen think they are intelligents in their own way and they can play risk free and lead a normal life. They do not bother about innovation. All they need is a cozy risk free working environment where they can just perform monotonous work.

Indians do have the potential to excel the technology industry. But they neither give it a try nor encourage people who do that. Sick!

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