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What is something you sacrifice for the greater good?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) March 29th, 2011

What do you sacrifice in your life to help yourself, other people, or the world?

It could be a habit you have stopped, a food you no longer eat, something you don’t buy or participate in, etc…

So, state what you sacrifice, what or who it benefits, and why you do it.

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I ‘sacrificed’ a career to raise my daughter and be home with her til she was 11 when I went back to work part time.
No regrets, although I am challenged in my mid-life now after divorcing her dad, to keep earning a living.

I was a latch key kid and wanted to be there for my daughter in ways my mother was not there for me.

I am very impressed with how mature and secure my daughter is and I take some credit for that. She is waaay more secure and together at 23 than I was. lol

I am proud of that and it goes to show how having a healthy, consistent parent makes a big difference in a person.

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I stopped buying anchovies for my pizzas years ago. They ruin the taste of a pizza and so I am donating my share of anchovies to the people who love these salty little fish. Yuk !!

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Income? We all sacrifice a proportion of our income, via the taxes we pay, for the better good that can be done with it by Government, ie: healthcare, welfare, etc.

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My free time, I’m working seven days a week… Mostly twelve hour shifts to support the company I work for, as are many others & we’re still falling short… :-/
But it’s ok, the managers say they’re right behind us, 100%…. If we need them on the weekends.. The number for the golf course is up on the wall in the works canteen :-/

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I quit smoking, I compost, I reuse, repair, recycle. I buy my clothes at a value village, I cook from scratch mostly. And I support grape growers around the world!

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I would sacrifice my life right now to rid the world of passive aggressive personalities.

Bring out your dead sociopaths. lol

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Yes! The vines are just now springing forth for this years harvest in my wine zone.

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Cheap nuclear energy.

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