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Favorite flavor of sherbet?

Asked by delirium (13691points) April 18th, 2008

I’m going to try and branch out from lime. I like to have it around the house because I have trouble with my hands shaking because of low blood sugar but don’t want to ingest something super fatty. I eat lots of fruit already, but the sherbert is cold and my lizard and cats don’t eat it first.

I love the notion of mango but I can’t find it anywhere.

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peach is amazing. also kiwi.

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Lime Sherbet in a 7-Up float. Mmmmmmhmmmmmm.

Sorry, I guess lime is off the menu… but sometimes a new twist on the old can be fun. Not that adding 7-Up is all that much of a stretch…

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How about orange and vanilla yogurt mix? That is my favorite from the store, and low fat. My friend google tells me it is pretty easy to make, just some sugar, milk, water and jello. I’m betting if you are adventurous you could make mango sherbert. Now that does sound good.

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Rainbow Sherbert is good.

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orange for me!

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sardine and pickle sherbet just like what oscar the grouch eats

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You would need serious breath mints after having that!

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Also, sometimes eating some pineapple in it’s own juice is a helpful quick burst when my blood sugar is crashing. I like to eat pineapples with cottage cheese, not sure if you eat dairy products or not.

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Pineapple or lime…...hmmmm perfect. I also mahe up a small dish for each of the pooches. HEY, the vet said it was OK!

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pineapple, orange, strawberry and grape

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i like making blood orange sherbet yummmmmmmmmmmmm

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Any sherbet is my favorite.

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Ben&Jerry’s > sherbet any day. BUT acai sherbet is pretty damn delicious to an awe inspiring effect.

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Oh yeah, also if your looking for nutritious then acai is the way to go. Worlds highest antioxident concentration in fruit (i’m pretty damn sure), not to mention it helps save the rain forest. :]

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Blue Rasberry. Sometimes with Vanilla.

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Blue rasberry is hardly a flavor. Ever seen a “Blue Rasberry” in your life?

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mmm strawberry

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