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How can short men seduce women like taller men do?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) April 3rd, 2011

Is it even possible? Would a desirable woman be made to look at a short man similarly as she looks at taller guys, especially in the realm of sexual play?

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If they have a bigger… you know XD

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I believe so.
My neighbor is at least 6’2” and her boyfriend is much shorter,probably 5’6” or so.He is a very confident person and I think that goes a very loooooooooong way in attracting any woman.

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The exact same way – confidence, not being an a-hole, treating her with respect.

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Heart, not height, makes someone attractive. Everyone is pretty much the same height laying down. ; )

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If they don’t have Short Man Syndrome, it’s entirely possible. My daughter’s best friend is 5’4” and her boyfriend is 5’5”. He started out as a summer relationship, “not really her type”, yadayada, and 5 years later, they are still together. He’s the best boyfriend ever, according to her. My sister-in-law was 7 inches taller than her husband. My closest friend’s daughter is almost 6’ and her husband is under 5’ tall.

I agree with @bkcunningham, heart, not height.

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I agree with the others that confidence is the sexiest feature in any person, as long as it doesn’t turn into cockiness and arrogance – that might bag you a short-term girl who’s just looking for a “bad boy”, but it won’t get you far in terms of a long-term thing.

I think it’s true that most women tend to prefer taller guys, for whatever reason. That just means that a shorter man has to work a little harder to make himself desirable.

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Only if she’s attracted to short men.

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I’m about 5’5” and have gone out with several men shorter than I am. They all were kind, smart and witty. And yes, they had an appealing amount of confidence…enough at least to ask women out.

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My step-son is only 5’1”, but has always done really well with the ladies. He has a great sense of humor, loves people, and is bright and inquisitive. This seems to help. : )

His wife is 5’6”

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@WasCy No, something cheeky

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Idiots come in all sizes so do charming men.

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Todays secret is….................platform shoes.

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Yes, they do it all the time! My last partner of many years was 5’2” and he was a woman magnet. Like @BarnacleBill said, if they don’t have a confidence issue with their own height then they don’t act any different from other men. I’d never before imagined I’d go for a short man much less one my own height but he seduced me and I never really thought of his height after that ;)

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Forget the frigging height thing. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
Edit, Don’t tell this to MV

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You buy a really big truck and lift it up 3 feet or so. What could possibly go wrong?

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I’m barely 5’ 6” and I’m by far the shortest out of all my male friends. (Most of whom are 6’ 0” and up).

My last girlfriend was 5’ 11”. The one before that was 5’ 8”. Not a significant difference, but definitely noticeable in comparison to myself. I have girls randomly coming out of the woodwork all the time telling me they want to “tap that.”

How do I do it, since I’m not 6 feet of rippled muscle and sinew?

Just like @everyoneelse has said in this thread: confidence.

If you act dapper, cultured, and caring, but with just a tiny hint of detachment and a devil-may-care attitude, you will be able to go very far in the world of seduction without having to be tall. Think about the guy from the Dos Equis commercials. That guy isn’t very tall. But freakin’ look at him!

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Well, as far as I’m concerned, give me a guy right around my height (5’6”) any day. I don’t need some tall guy to get my attention, or to keep it.

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Um, yeah, confidence.

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The violin sounds sweeter than the double bass.

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Height is really not all that important, unless the woman is a shallow ho. Or specifically is not into shorter men. I think most would not care though. Personality is so much more important.

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Personality wins not being tall. My son is 5’8” and his wife is 6’. There’s a wedding picture with her sitting on his lap. We all had a giggle over that one.

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Will someone tell me when they went and threw out the rule book? It says it right there in black and white and red—chapter five (Relationship Do’s), section 4, paragraphs 56–92—that “no woman shall date a man shorter than her, unless one of the following exceptions applies:” It then goes on to list some three thousand four hundred and ninety two exceptions, none of which are of any importance.

That’s in the “Book of Rules, How to Live Life By the Book,” by the way. I’ve got my copy stored in my garage—all two thousand and ninety volumes. I refer to it regularly when questions like this appear. What I don’t understand is why other people don’t pay attention to the rules. Didn’t you get your copy? It’s all in there.

PS. Volume Forty three has a lot to say about the “realm of sexual play,: but nowhere does it say, if I recall, that it is permissible for a man who is height-challenged to have any “sexual play” with a woman taller than himself. Not even by a millimeter.

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@wundayatta yet how hard is it for a horny hobbit to satisfy a woman willing to juggle a few?

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@mazingerz88 Easy it may be, but it’s still against the rules. Sorry, dude. Don’t make me look up the section about recalcitrant wannabes. ;-)

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Think these guys…Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Dudley Moore,Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael J Fox. They never had a problem dating taller women….ever.

What do women really look for in a man? Sense of humor, kindness and grace…thoughtfulness.

I’m a desirable woman and I date short men. (Okay, granted, I’m not tall). But I have not found height to be at the top of my list. Ever.

And certainly….whatever a short man does in the boudoir well, height is certainly not an issue there.

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Oh, and by the way….you asked “seduce…like taller men do…” Trust me, the art of seduction has nothing to do with height. Tall men can be just as clumsy when it comes to seduction as any other man.

Seduction of a woman starts in the area between one’s ears…the mind/brain. If you want to get an edge listen to the audio called: link

“How to Love a Woman” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. (link above).

That will give you the real understanding of what truly counts. Best wishes on your quest.

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If the stereotype is correct—for women, it’s what’s between the ears that counts and for men, it’s what’s between the legs that counts—then aren’t the sexes a bit too far apart for any real communication? How many ignoramuses are running around out there, proud that their schlongs are bigger than their brains or their brains are slicker than their pussies?

It ain’t seduction, it’s class war. And that class is fifth grade. Sometimes I wonder how it is that the human animal has managed to reproduce itself so fruitfully. Maybe we shouldn’t compare ourselves to fruit. Instead we should compare ourselves to fruit flies.

My suggestion, however, follows in the vein of others. If you spend enough time in the classroom, and maybe a bit extra time in the improv classes, you’ll find you’re have much more success with the fruit. I mean, fruit flies. No, the fifth graders. Aaaaagh. I should have spent more time studying algebra. I’d know how to count. I think.

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@wundayatta…In fifth grade, I liked the brainy boys who made me laugh. I still do. :) In other words, I would have fancied Jon Stewart over Brad Pitt , for example. (And Jon Stewart is not a tall man.)

In fifth grade, the brainy boys who made me laugh,_ liked me_…and in case you are thinking I was a wallflower… I was voted “May Princess of the Fifth Grade.” I didn’t know anything or care about what was between me or anything else…I just wanted to know more about what a quark was and there were a lot of guys willing to explain it to me. :)

Life used to be simple…and if you can still think like a fifth grader…it still can be that way. It’s not about fruit and flies…it’s about just being who you really are…and someone will notice you and love you….for you.

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Wow, @DarlingRhadamanthus. I hope this fifth grade class of yours got an academy award or something! The only thing I remember about fifth grade…. nope. That was seventh grade. Well, it’s a good story, anyway. So out of character.

The only thing I remember about seventh grade is kicking my social studies teacher in the shin. It was a accident, but I was utterly mortified.

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@wundayatta….....I am not sure what you mean by what you just posted. I went to a private school where most of us stayed friends for life. If you meant it doesn’t sound real well, it probably wasn’t stereotypical. We considered ourselves to be like a family. It’s not a story it was reality for me. Thank goodness, too.

However, I do understand your point….it can sometimes be brutal in some schools and for some kids. ( I hope you weren’t grounded….sheesh! That must have been scary for you. Lurve coming to you…. for that fifth grade accidental kick. I did like your posting. It got me to thinking…so thanks for that.)

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@DarlingRhadamanthus Oh dear. Misunderstanding. I mean that my story, even though it was from seventh grade, was a good story. Kicking the teacher was out of character for me. I was sitting at my desk, swinging my foot or something as she came down the aisle. Foot met ankle and it really hurt, I guess. I didn’t get into trouble really, except in my own head.

What I was trying to say was that it sounds like your fifth grade class was very special, especially if you remain friends for life with some of them. It sounds like you liked the smarter boys, whether or not they were taller than you. Not that the boys probably noticed. Although perhaps they were more precocious than the ones I know of. Are any of the people you remained friends with boys?

My wife is taller than I am. Most of the women I’ve had long term relationships with have been taller than I am. I didn’t think about it too much. They were who they were, and height didn’t seem to play a big role in it.

I do think that it would be nice to be taller than a woman I am kissing some day. That seems unlikely to ever happen. I think it’s mainly a social thing. For the vast majority of couples, it seems like the man is taller. So, while I rarely think about it, sometimes I wonder if I somehow look less because I am shorter. I mean, we know that taller people earn more money and hold more powerful positions. Indeed, my wife makes more money than I do.

I assume that the women who have liked me liked me for reasons that had nothing to do with my height. I’m not sure any have liked me in spite of my height. I’m not sure if I ever seduced any of them, although maybe once. I blame that on the pot, though. But surely she must have liked me before if she let me seduce her while we were high. She sure seemed to like me after, and was quite upset when I told her I didn’t want that kind of relationship with her.

I think that the main reason why I’ve had relationships with so many women who happen to be taller than me has nothing to do with my stature. I think it was about me. My qualities. The way they felt when they were with me. Mostly, I think that was because I paid attention to them and I listened to them. I was truly interested in finding out who they were.

I actually don’t understand why this seems to be an uncommon trait in men. But many women have told me it is rare for a man to listen. I think women are more interesting than men, in general. I like women better. I like the way women inhabit the world better. I like the way they tend to communicate and their concern for emotions, which are both stronger than what one usually finds to be the case with men.

So, working my way back to the question, I think that thinking of this as an issue of seduction pretty much misses the point. If you do the things that seem to speak to women more often—to listen and to understand express your feelings—many women will feel closer to you. More connected. It is this connection which allows you to build a stronger relationship—whether the woman is tall or short.

Focusing on height or seduction entirely misses the point, unless all you want to do is be a player. If you want to be a player, take one of those seduction courses that are out there. That crap works, it seems—at least, to bed the woman. I don’t think it works to get into a serious relationship. In either case, if you’re worrying about height, the worry is all in your head. If you want to get rid of that worry, get a lobotomy.

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I can def answer this one. I am 5’11 and 6’3 on heels, my mam is only 5’6 and before him I had never ever gone with a man shorter than 6’. But I have to say it wasn’t his height that attracted me it was his beautiful face (he is South African and has the most beautiful eyes). We do look silly together on a night out and I have had to stop wearing my heels (sniff, blub) but in the bedroom he is dynamite so… far as I am concerned shorter men have no disadvantages to taller one’s.

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If you treat a woman like a lady, it does not matter how tall you are. if you make her feel beautiful, and sexy, then she will think youre wonderful.

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