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For those of you that have art hanging on your bathroom walls, what does it look like?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25308points) April 3rd, 2011

I was sitting in the tub this evening and I got this harebrained idea to paint some things to hang up on my large, empty walls in the bathroom.
Problem is, I have no idea what I want as subject matter. I only know that I do not want flowers/anything floral. Which is not great, because I mostly paint flowers and portraits.

So basically I’m just looking for inspiration. Not necessarily suggestions, just lots of ideas that might spark something for me. What do you have on your bathroom walls?

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I painted this a long ass time ago and my mom has it hanging up in the bathroom. The rest of the bathroom is Mickey Mouse themed, so it looks a little out of place, but whatevskis. I dig it.

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I’d just put mirrors one across from the other so that they reflect into each other and make a tunnel that goes on forever, it’s technically not art, but it’s cool…

And! you can check if your hair looks alright from the back

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You could always go for the ubiquitous “sea” theme, shells and whatnot. In one of my past bathrooms, I painted the walls to look like parchment paper. We had one picture in there, and of course it was floral-ish. It was one poppy, with a little girl curled up sleeping in the center of it. In another bathroom, we had sort of rural snapshot paintings. Like a mailbox, I think? It was the colors that made them work in the room.

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@augustlan do you mean the ones in the upstairs bathroom? if so there are two, not one. One is a bird house with some potted bushes pretty, but weird. and the other is two birdhouses what’s up with the birdhouses? with a window box full of flowers, but not in a window.

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I have a framed mirror that has a drawing of a women getting an old time perm. I need something nice for the other wall tough.

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@augustlan I actually have a huge jar of shells on one of the shelves in my bathroom. There really isn’t any sort of “theme.” It is the first room of the house that I’ve attempted to do in neutral colors. For any facebookers that have seen photos of my home, I tend to go a little nuts with color.
I think that is why I“m so stuck for inspiration.

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In my bathroom,I have a watercolor of a great blue heron,a print of Reeds and Cranes a tile from Pewabic Pottery
The other bath has a metal sunfish sculpture done by an artist whose name escapes me,a dahlia photograph by a friend,a stoneware face above the faucet by another sculptor friend and a sea turtle print…
The basement bath I still need to redo,but I am sure I will make the tiles myself and do a small stained glass insert for the window.

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I have the Tournée du Chat Noir in my bathroom.

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@Seelix my husband bought me a huge, heavy copy of that for the holidays 2 years ago, and I still haven’t found a home for it. I wish it matched my bathroom, that would be nice.

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Halloween II by Rob Zombie might be a really shitty movie, but it most certainly has the coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately I can’t find any good pics online. Then again I’m not sure that’s what you’re really gunning for.
If I had my own place, I’d paint my walls with a Jaws theme. Currently, my bathroom is completely uninteresting. I have a glass seahorse hanging on the wall, that’s about it.

My dad had a really neat way to decorate places though. In the bathroom he had that famous picture of Frank Zappa sitting on the can on the wall. Everytime I went to the bathroom there he was, just lookin at me going, hey man how’s it goin. He also put up pictures of women everywhere lol, and glued a picture of Phil Collins on the trash basket since he hated him so much. XD

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The only artwork in our kid’s bathroom (had to come up with something for a wide age gap) is this doodle wallpaper.

It is plain, just frames, when it arrives. Then it is colored as the person sees fit. The only rule, no doodles of poo or pee.

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LOL, “no doodles of poo or pee.” That’s a solid rule. That wallpaper is brilliant!

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I have a huge picture of a little girl, naked, getting into a bath tub with her back facing me and looking over her shoulder at me. There are little patent leather shoes beside the claw tub. It’s very sweet.

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I have three pictures in my bathroom of various different flowers, tulips, orchids and some other kind.

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I have a Romanesque Frieze in the corner of my bathtub surround/shelf for that Tuscany look. Really pretty fake flowers in a clear glass vase and lots of candles round out the effect.

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In one, I have two small Monet prints with watery themes that were a gift from a relative. In the other I have a small glazed tile with a scene on it, and there’s a framed antique photo of a woman in a 19th-century gown that my husband found somewhere nearly 40 years ago and decided to hang there. This picture seems to bother certain guests: they ask who she is, and when we say we have no idea, they seem to disapprove, asking why we’d want to display a picture of an unknown woman. For some reason this reaction makes me keep her there regardless of whether she fits the decor.

In both bathrooms, there’s a wall calendar. Sometimes I choose calendars with aquatic themes, such as waterfalls or lighthouses, for one; for the other, it’s usually art prints, which I can look at much longer than photographs

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We had our bathroom remodeled 2 years ago and I’m still loving my plain walls. But I saw this theme in a bathroom that’s built like mine and I would consider decorating my walls in a similar design.

@Jeruba Your picture of the unknown woman reminds me of one my Mom has hanging on her wall of a woman who looks as if she could be a relative (but she’s not). But Mom loved the old picture so much, we all agreed ‘what the heck’ and included her in the wall of pictures.

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I have had small prints. When I was growing up my father had a painting of an eye hanging on the door right in front of the toilet.

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photo taken on the beach at sunset on Grand Cayman,

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We have a Fuller print and a Vangoghprint.

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I have something similiar to this makeup series, along with L’Instant Taittinger, Vogue Silhouette, and Divine Silhouette.

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I collect antique ladies’ hat. I have them hanging all over the walls in my powder room. Right above the toilet, I have a terra cotta moon. The moon has a face and a little hand pinching his own nose. As to say, “stinky.”

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I thought about taking pictures of outhouses port-a-lets and other public restrooms inside and out, fram them, and hang them on the walls. Just for “shits and giggles”.

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I like that idea @Mikewlf337. I had a friend who was a writer. He and his wife were both writers actually. They framed magazine and newspaper articles and covers and hung them in their guest bathroom. I thought it looked cool.

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