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What type of mural would you paint on a door?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) August 3rd, 2012

My home is pretty old (97 this year), and some of the proportions on the doors are very unusual. Replacing the exterior doors on this house would cost a small fortune, so I have no intentions of doing that any time soon. My front door has a bunch of windows in the front, and a very old doorknob with a simple lock. Since breaking in would be extraordinarily easy, we keep a large panel screwed onto the door, which covers all of the windows. It is flat and white, so from the outside you can’t see (or break) in, and from the inside it just looks like a white panel in the center of the door.
It isn’t exactly beautiful, but it’s not hideous, either. I used to keep a curtain over it, just so that it was a bit “prettier,” however, I recently redid the room that my front door leads to be my art room, and I would like to paint something on that panel ( visible from the inside). I have seen door murals before, and while I don’t think I would want them on the interior of my home, an art room with a quirky door seems like the perfect place to do it.

I’m just trying to brainstorm. I am totally open to getting creative with it, something unexpected, not necessarily the illusion of an outdoor scene (for example.) Suggestions, pics, etc are very welcome. Thanks! :)

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You can pick from any number of ideas of what you might like & since you say that the panel on the inside of your door covers the windows in the door – you might consider painting designs on the panel where they can be seen thru the windows in the door. Flowers are a good choice & relatively easy to do. You could put flower designs on both sides of your door panel.

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@Linda_Owl I like the idea of flowers a lot, actually, that is what originally felt right to me. (Plus, I paint a lot of flowers, anyhow.) I just suspect that because I paint a lot of flowers, that there may be clever ideas that I haven’t thought of.
I like the idea of painting both sides, too, it might have an interesting look from the outside of the house… kind of personalizes things.

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I would paint an optical illuision on it.

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I would want a view; pine trees and a purling brook; a snowy peak with mt. goats gamboling near-by, a pond with yellow iris in bloom and the blue heron wading on the shore; a meadow filled with wild flowers (shirley poppies, bachelor buttons, black-eyed Susans, Ox-eyed daisies, clover, Queen Anne’s lace, butter and eggs.

Or what I see in May from my upstairs toilet.

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An optical illusion of an open door.

Edit: At Gail; that’s what I’m entitling my next book – The View from my Upstairs Toilet.

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@zensky: No. It should be “The View from Gail’s Upstairs Toilet,” (unless yours is truly better.)

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I loled, Gail.

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It’s the best medicine.

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A landscape with a vanishing point straight ahead, your choice of scene. I’d probably copy an impressionist painting. I’d hope you were more creative than that.

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If it were in my house, I’d probably do some kind of pattern rather than a scene. Chevron patterns are very ‘in’ right now…

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Something abstract. It’d be like walking into another dimension or something. Where are you located? If in California, maybe some tie dye, or if you’re into space, professional galactic wall paper, or perhaps just any sort of favorite wall paper. Anyways, who knows, good luck would love to see what you end up doing with it.

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^^ Ooh, space! That would be perfect for you!

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“If you’re into space.” I’m into space, and I lurve that idea.

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I love these trompe-l’oeil door covers. Browse the catalog and see if anything inspires you as to what you could paint on your door. The less complicated designs could be relatively easy to paint on your own. Best of luck.

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@rpm_pseud0name these are beautiful, thank you.

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Three-dimensional murals, the best natural scenery, watching the horizons of visual feeling will be very subtle.

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