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Are you going without shoes today?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) April 5th, 2011 from iPhone

Today is TOM’s Day Without Shoes. I checked my Facebook and a ton of my friends are doing it. I was wondering if any of you Fluther-bugs were.

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No, I have to wear shoes at work :(

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Hell yes. I will take any excuse to have naked feet, and this is a good one.
How are your feet?

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I’m not walking around Brooklyn in bare feets! Haaaa-yell naw!

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No. My campus is covered in teeny little sharp things – no one is benefited by me having to take a trip to the ER.

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The other day a crucible fell out of one of the machines I work with here in the lab. It was so hot that when it hit the concrete floor, the floor caught fire immediately.

I think I’ll keep my shoes on.

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Nope, my employer requires us to wear shoes.

I wonder if the countries where these shoes are received are also given assistance in starting their own shoemaking business? I have no objection to them giving shoes to children who need them, I think it’s a great idea. I would also like to see them (TOM’s shoe company) help the local people learn how to do this for themselves.

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I support the concept, but between the cold and the fact that my feet really need shoe support to function properly and without pain, nope, I’m shod.

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Not me, I wear boots wherever I go. Feel free to kick your shoes off though lol.

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Being from the south and wearing boots for 44 years as a cop, today I am shoeless.

It was 78 degrees yesterday and rainy. Not a good day for bare feet. Today, its sunny and 52 degrees and I am going shoeless as long as I can.

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I’m always shoeless at home, so yes I’m going shoeless today. I never heard of Day Without Shoes before and if I had I would be very leery of where I went shoeless:-).

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Not sure what TOM is, but I do real work. Heavy lifting, sweat dripping, muscles pumping, brain working, society contributing real work. We’re required to wear steel toed shoes, as with most jobs where real work happens.

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I wish…but my workplace would probably frown on that…

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Not a good idea for me. I have work and I will be walking around campus all day. I’m all for awareness, but I don’t want to hurt myself trying.

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Can’t do it here at work, and I would not want to walk the city streets barefoot.

MaekoPoisoning's avatar

it’s raining out… fear of catching pneumonia :(

klutzaroo's avatar

Too many rocks. And too many hicks. Dumbasses spit tobacco all over the place, even on the walkways. Classy!

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Spitting!? WHAT!!?? ::clutches pearls::

Facade's avatar

Yes, but not because of the “holiday.” I hardly wear shoes around the house.

marinelife's avatar

I always go without shoes indoors, but not outdoors.

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I am going without underwear today. FREEDOM!!!

ucme's avatar

Anything for a good cause, got some funny looks at work though. Maybe those spongebob slippers were a mistake…hmmm.

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@Mikewlf337 You are so right. Lawrence Ferlinghetti said it best.

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@noelleptc Oh they were him alright, it’s just the guys I work with got no class.

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@aprilsimnel Chewin’ tabaccy. :P

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I was going to, but the weather was absolutely dreadful and since I already don’t feel well, I couldn’t risk getting sick at crunch time.

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