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Why is the time stamp on Yahoo email always inaccurate?

Asked by jca (36062points) April 5th, 2011

I use Yahoo email and the time stamp is always inaccurate. Other people who use it have told me the same thing. Is there a way to correct it or is it a Yahoo issue?

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It is a Yahoo issue, and I use to know the reason or read somewhere why it is. Sorry that was many, many years ago and I have simply forgotten where I saw the information. Maybe I’ll try to research it again.

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It’s probably something to do with an out-of-zone server.

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My email goes through Yahoo and apparently the Yahoo time stamp is about 1 minute slow: I sent it at 10:11 AM PST and it arrived at 10:10 AM according to Yahoo.

Is that the amount of discrepancy to which you’re referring?

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It’s where Yahoo is located and the time stamp differs from different time zoning.

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@Brian1946: No, I’m talking major discrepancy, like hours.

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