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What were some of your favourite games you played as a child?

Asked by ucme (50034points) April 6th, 2011

Indoors or outdoors, sports or just recreational fun time stuff. Games that were creativly thought up or traditional games like hide & seek & hunt the sausage XD

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Freeze tag, T.V. tag. Capture the Flag…

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Float the twigs in the puddle, and pretend they are battleships.

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Our favorite neighborhood outdoor game was Capture the Flag we would have each flag at oposite ends of the neighborhood and break off into 2 teams where the goal was to go get the other teams flag without getting captured yourself. We usually played in the evenings of spring, summer and fall. It was a great stradegy game to play for kids.

Another of my favorite indoor games is checkers, there is so much thinking and anticipating you can do in a game of checkers.

Card games like war, hearts, gin, military whist, cribbige and the list could go on

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@creative1 I loved Capture the Flag, but I liked it best when played in the woods. I loved sneaking up on the other team behind trees, grabbing the flag and dashing back to your side…

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Our neighborhood had tons of woods and lots of land to play on. There was one time I was hiding in the tall tall grass and my brother who was on the other team came and was standing right beside me and took a pee in the other direction but never turned and found me. I was trying to be so quiet and at the same time dying of laughter inside.

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Marco Polo

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@jonsblond Marco Polo in the pool if fun

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I used to play musical statues and the classic Hide and Seek…

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Hide and Seek, Dodgeball, Red Light, Green Light.

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Flashlight hide and seek. We’ll be playing that with the kids when we head down to the point as we stay on an acre of land right on the ocean.

I also loved water gun fights (still do).

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I liked playing doctor when I was really little. In elementary school, I liked playing captains and robbers or something to that effect.

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Cops & Robbers!

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@queenie We used to call hide & seek “blocky” no idea why. I was very good at hiding but lost patience trying to find others. Sometimes i’d just go home for my tea leaving the suckers hidden for hours at a time.

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@ucme lmao4real! Bet they were angry after…and hungy. Aw, gosh. You make me laugh too much.

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@queenie Well, seeking was always boring to me. They had it coming XD

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Most of my games involved heavy use of the imagination and creativity, whether inside or out.

For example, I lived for a while on a huge plot of wooded land that had some cliffs, a pond, some open fields, and some big dirt piles. Over the course of five or so years (from 1st to the summer after 5th grade), my friends and I built an “empire” all over the property… we built cities out of old junk, treeforts, piled up rocks, etc., we had a “navy” that consisted of a dock made out of plywood on the pond and a rubber raft. We had an armory where we stored spears and bows and arrows we made, and we also had a number system, an alphabet, a monetary system, a bank, a religion, and a military hierarchy. I was the Emperor and my best friend was the head of the military. We named our “cities” and landmarks after each other… often imitating the Soviet system of nomenclature. For example, one of our towns was called Ruthergrad after my friend whose last name was “Rutherford.” We spent many warm days expanding our towns, building new ones, exploring new parts of the woods, making weapons, playing with fireworks, cooking food outside, shooting our bows, “training” with our spears, and gathering raw materials to build new stuff out of… oh, and sailing on our pond and spearfishing and catching frogs and snakes.

It was awesome. I still have one of the maps we made and some of our coins. Most of the stuff we built is probably still out there, being overtaken by nature and beginning to look like a ruin. Everything had to be abandoned overnight when my mom went through a messy divorce with the man who owned the property. Maybe some archaeologists in the future will find the remains of our pretend civilization and wonder what kind of bizarre anomalous society it was.

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I used to collect snails and ladybirds…. until I broke the lady bird jar in the kitchen…

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… we had a “superweapon” that we were developing… it was a cannon made out of an old telescope and a bunch of fireworks.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Wow, your childhood was 50 times better than mine!

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@erichw1504, I really wish I could go back to that land and see what all I could find. We had some pretty elaborate forts and roads.

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Thanks all, good stuff :¬)

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I really liked playing dodgeball. I was great at dodging, but when it came to trying to lob the ball over to the other side and hitting someone with it, I was awful. I had no hand-eye-coordination at all!
I remember my school also had a play structure that looked vaguely like a submarine, so my friends and I would play on it and pretend we were hunting a great white whale, or were exploring the depths of the ocean. It was really fun.

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My favorite game as a child was “The floor is…” It was a game where someone would shout “the floor is ____” and everyone had to act like the floor was really whatever it was they said. I played this game recently with my little ones and it was really interesting to see how the different age groups reacted to each round. I shouted “the floor is ice!” and my littlest started shaking like he was freezing and the oldest started ice skating! :) So much fun.

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@MaekoPoisoning OMG! I’d totally forgotten that one! Haha, thanks for reminding me : )
Used to love that one!

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Jarts. Awesome game and not that dangerous. Then when a BB gun fight would break out the fun factor went through the roof….slightly more dangerous than jarts, ehhhhhhhh….yeh.

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Ours was freeze tag. You have two teams and if you’re hit by the opposite team you had to freeze and not move a muscle till a team mate tagged you.

Another was snow forts. We had lots of land thus LOTS of snow. The wars we got into with our neighbors were epic. Fun times.

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There was this one game on the computer (back in the 90s) that was called “leprachaun” I think…It was a leprechuan that you controlled with arrows (poor quality; 2D) and I loved that game and now I can’t find it. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It would bring back memories.

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@dubsrayboo Oh God, yeah. They’re all comin back to me now…

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4 square and Wall Ball. I tried playing Wall Ball again when I was 25, and it kicked my ass.

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@seazen_ Why didn’t I say that? Smacks her head

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