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Can I carry-on a tent to a plane (in light of the stakes)?

Asked by ejpristo (7points) April 6th, 2011

I don’t want to have to check a bag, but I am concerned TSA will not let me carry my tent on when they see the stakes and polls.

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You can check it in, but you definitely cannot carry it on.

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You may have a problem with tent poles and metal stakes. It would be up to the TSA agent at the gate. Gamble may make you miss the flight or have to leave it for disposal at the gate.

Check it !

I am not a TSA agent nor do I work for the US government.

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Go to the TSA site and see what you can find. Keep in mind that each agent will interpret the rules according to his own understanding. I have read that even with a printout from the website that shows something is allowed, the agent will still refuse it, plus the site itself is inconsistent, showing knitting needles not allowed on one page and are allowed on a different page.

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Why bother? Why not just send it to your destination?

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The metal poles are to kill werwolves if they are made of silver. If they were wooden they might let you have them cuz those ones kill vampires and everyone knows vampires aren’t real…AFAIK anything that can be used as a weapon is not allowed as a carry on, but really if you watch “lock up” a weapon can be made out of anything so confused =\

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I’m afraid you will have to check the tent.

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