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What is the best type of needlework?

Asked by MaekoPoisoning (401points) April 6th, 2011

I just got a bunch of needlework starter kits for my birthday and I want to know what is the best, worst, easiest, most difficult… in your opinion… any advice for a beginner who hopes to become an expert! ^.^ Is there a certain order that I should be learning these different techniques?
So excited!

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What options do I have to choose from?

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oh! i’m so silly!
the kits i got were:
• knitting
• looming
• embroidery
• crochet

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Happy birthday! Looming is probably most complicated, as it requires the loom, and that’s not portable. You can do other things while knitting and crocheting; women bring it to work and knit/crochet at lunch. It would seem that with embroidery and punch work, you have to concentrate on the pattern sheet and reproducing it on the fabric. The level of focus is much higher.

All are great things to know how to do, and one isn’t “better” than the other. Knitting and crocheting are more social than the others. I have some beautiful antique pillows and trivets that my grandmother and great-grandmother made that are punchwork and counted cross stitich.

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Looming would probably be easiest, but the others are more practical.

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Thanks for the advice! (and birthday wishes!)

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@BarnacleBill I think looming is easiest because it doesn’t require the type of learning curve that the others require. I am a life long crafter, and I still haven’t figured out crochet.

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Never did looming so I can’t advise you on that at all. Done all of the others. Embroidery is the easiest to teach yourself. Knitting is relatively easy once you get the tension thing down. The difficulty of crochet is in learning how to hold the hook in one hand and the yarn in the other. Is anyone going to be teaching you any of these or are you learning on your own?

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on my own… :/ i’ll probably watch videos of other people doing it so that i know i’m doing it properly.

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I have been crocheting for about 28 years. I have taught several people to crochet. Many of them found this to be the most difficult ‘crafting’ skill to learn.

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