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Should I be insulted by the use of the phrase "Government Shutdown"?

Asked by josie (29123points) April 7th, 2011

Every once in a while, I feel that my intelligence is being seriously insulted by grubby politicians, condescending bureaucrats, and media sycophants.

The government is not going to “shut down”.

Trust me, the Reps and Senators, the bureaucrats, the President and every other busy body in Washington that imagines that they can improve your life if only you give them your money, are NOT going to take unpaid leave of absence, lock up the capital and go home.

They will still be there, collecting their salaries and perks and priviledges. The government will continue to do it’s best to make us all equally miserable.

We are directed to imagine all sorts of terrible things will happen except the one that matters. That we will be reminded of their incompetence.

But instead of calling it a “Government Moron Goat Fuck” they call it a “Government Shutdown” which makes it sound sort of like a power outage during a thunderstorm. Which I think is supposed to seduce the likes of you and me into thinking that this is not a bunch of lunatics wasting our money.

Am I being overly sensitive, or should this insult my intelligence?

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I think that Congress should forfeit their pay along with the furloughed workers. That would light a fire under their asses.

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Eh, you’re being overly sensitive. It’s best just to say “government shutdown” instead of saying “Oh hey, we’re just shutting down unnecessary governmental programs for the time being, yadda yadda yadda”.

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Our intelligence is insulted on a daily basis by this sort of thing.They think we’re stupid.
The last election cycle proved we are not entirely stupid.This kind of BS should get the rest of them voted out in the next election cycle.
Think of a shutdown as a continuing holiday.;)

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I think you’re dead-on accurate. I also think you should found “Government Moron Goat Fuck” day, make T-Shirts, and a web petition about it.

If a politician in 40 or more years ago tried to get away with the moronic incompetence and corruption many present politicians are getting away with, they would have been lambasted by journalists and politicians and other people who knew the word “lambast” and weren’t afraid to use it or to demonstrate it in print.

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Great question!

Yes, it is an insult to our intelligence. You need to read this:

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I recall newspaper stories from the 1960s and 70s about “congressional junkets”, which were trips that they often took, dressed up as “fact-finding” and “investigation” and “important constituent meetings” and so forth. The funny thing is that they were always trips to warm places in the winter, with great golf and amenities of all sorts (beaches, of course), and were often (surprise, surprise!) not even within the bounds of the United States.

Of course, the papers then were printing the stories to raise outrage that “they were using public money essentially to vacation”. How times have changed; we’d be money ahead nowadays… if only they would take paid vacations, get out of Washington and stop doing what they do so badly.

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Politicians are great at two things; putting up Christmas decorations when it isn’t Christmas, and pissing around the bush. I’d have to agree.

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Hell, I’ll make a contribution! Send ‘em to Bimini or somewhere. I hear the Coate de Ivory is lovely this time of year! Hehehe!

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I find it comforting to know that Obama will still have time for golf and fundraisers. Maybe even a whitehouse party or two.

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Yes because it won’t be the government that will actually shut down. All the government will still get their paychecks. it is the other people who will have to wait for their pay or end up getting laid off for a while.

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Your reasoning is valid but you may choose not to be insulted.

I read something somewhere that made sense to me and I’m reminded of it often.
(Figured you might want to ponder it’s validity…use or discard as appropriate…)

It reads:

“You perform as great a disservice
being offended
as when you offend.”

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