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If the US ushers in an Islamic theocracy they don't like what do you figure the US will do about it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 8th, 2011

If the US meddling in Libya ushers in a Islamic theocracy that is not to the US’s liking would they then meddle more to displace the new unfavorable theocracy to put in a government or leader that will cow down to the US?

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Obama is Muslim, this is what he wants.

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The US is not meddling in Libya. The US isn’t bombing Libya. Like other countries joining the effort, it is targeting military installations and military equipment misused by Gaddafi’s troops enforcing the no-fly zone mandated by the UN.

Not targeting these military installations and military equipment, means they will target innocent Libyans who have committed no crime and who want freedom just like the people in Tunisia and Egypt did. While the military in these two countries protected the protesters, Gaddafi’s military including his mercenaries inflict great harm on protesters.

Suppose this leads to free election at some point, the rest of the world has to live with the decision made by the Libyan voters. Most likely the majority will want a secular model like in Turkey, but if not it’s none of our business, unless it becomes a breeding ground for Islamist terrorists.

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@math_nerd I know this is social, but don’t be ludicrous.

Given Kaddafi’s support of terrorism over the years, anything will be an improvement over his regime.

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@zenvelo – I think @math_nerd was joking.

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Hopefully nothing.

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