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Handling death threats - Who will pay for the extra protection Terry Jones (who burned a Quran) might need?

Asked by mattbrowne (31638points) April 8th, 2011

The taxpayer?

Terry Jones?

His church?

How likely is it that Terry Jones gets killed by Islamist terrorists?

Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who supervised the burning of the Koran last month, said he’s not backing down after receiving death threats.

Top administration officials have sharply criticized Pastor Terry Jones for burning a Koran on March 20, but officials at the Justice Department are now faced with the politically sensitive task of defending his civil-rights against a spurt of death threats, including an announcement by Hezbollah that it would pay a $2.4 million bounty for his death. “The threats mainly come from e-mail, phone calls and we have gotten a occasional letter,” Jones said. “There is absolutely no sign the Justice Department officials are doing anything in response. They have not arrested anyone.” However, police forces do pass along warnings and provide him protective details when he visit American cities, and will provide protection when he visits Dearborn, Mich. He plans to visit that city on April 22, to criticize aggressive passages in the Koran. Dearborn has a large population of immigrant Muslims, and his arrival there will likely trigger strong protests. The Department of Justice did not answer questions about the death threats.

Jon Kyl asked if the department was doing enough to protect Muslim critics of Islamic doctrine who are threatened by fellow Muslims. “If we have credible allegations of a potential violation of civil rights law, we will investigate. We’ll follow the facts and make an appropriate judgment,” said Perez.

Here are two other examples:

The Danish cartoonist

was almost killed and he just drew relatively harmless (in my opinion) pictures. Westergaard was unharmed due to security precautions in his house. He fled to a panic room when he saw the intruder standing in the hallway wielding an axe.

Maybe Terry Jones will install a panic room too. Another example is this:'s_comments

Police protection is an expensive business especially when it needs to be carried out over many years.

How do you feel about this issue?

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Why would he need extra protection if he has God on his side?

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Behead those who insult Islam!

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Screw it. Let the asshole pay for his own protection.

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Who cares? I hope someone gets him.

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He made it his own problem when he continued on his way after he was asked and then advised to stop what he was intending to do, therefore, his protection is his problem, or his churches, if they value him.
@ratboy, this so-called pastor’s actions are not what God and the Bible teaches, so he might be introuble there, in my opinion.

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@Seelix Why would you hope that? Islamic extremist do it all the time to other religions. What he did was not right but he does not deserve to die for it.

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I have no idea. He should have used better judgement. Still I don’t think he should die at their hands because of it.

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@Mikewlf337 – Did I say he should die? No. I hope someone beats some sense into him, that’s all.

And for the record, I’m not really down with anything that any religious extremist does just to piss off others in the name of their god.

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@Seelix Islamic extremists have a huge reputation of killing those who do such things. He will definitely die if they get their hands on him. He did a stupid thing and did not even attempt to consider the repercussion of his actions. He is obviously a stupid man who did a very selfish thing. He did it so he could be in the spot light. To be the one who pissed them off. All for his own ego. He didn’t do it for God. He did it for himself. 15 minutes of fame that could enrage the crazy extremist enough to commit another act of terrorism. I still don’t think he should die for it. I also think that the extremist should shrug it off just like most christians do when they burn Bibles.

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Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. If he wants protection, he should have to pay for it himself since his actions were deliberately provocative and he knew the danger involved.

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Who cares? I care. Believe it or not, I don’t want him get killed. What he did was crazy and irresponsible and despicable, but this doesn’t mean he deserves to die.

Morevoer, what do you think will happen when Islamist terrorists succeed in carrying out such an assassination? Hundreds of Qurans will get burned all around the United States by angry, hard-line, ultra-conservative Christians.

And then?

The vicious circle of hatred will get out of hand. No one can want this.

I agree that he should pay for his protection, but the way I understand it he might have a right to free police protection, because he was just “exercising his civil rights”. I wonder how the police views this matter.

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No one will pay any public money for generalized, non-specific and non-credible death threats. Only a very few people in the US (and in the world, for that matter) get a high degree of investigation and “protection” from such threats.

If a realistic threat (or appearance of one) occurs, then I’m sure he’d get “all due diligence” in normal police protection. No, it wasn’t supposed to give a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Considering the number of people (a sadly disproportionate number of them women and children) in the US who face real and continuing threats of bodily injury and death from their own current and former family members, and which apparently can’t be stopped even when the victims can predict when they might happen, and the fact that this damn fool has deliberately provoked the whirlwind he will reap, it would be strange and embarrassing if he received extra protection paid for by the public.

No, I don’t want to see him killed, either, because it devalues our entire society when such things happen. But so has he, I think. So I could perhaps console myself that getting rid of him through violent means may be a wash transaction: it will help as much as it hurts. And I don’t often think that way.

What you suppose might happen with the angry burning of Korans by other hard-line Christians won’t happen, I think. Despite the fact that I don’t share many Christian beliefs, I also don’t think that “most” or even “a significant number” of Christians are that stupid, that nonsensical, and that confrontational. If they are, then they’re not “Christian” as I know them to be.

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He wanted to burn the quran a while back. He just couldn’t help himself. His ego was too large. What purpose did this serve? It did nothing to help any situation.

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Perhaps he could be placed in permanent protective custody at Guantanamo.

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@ratboy whether you said that in jest or not, it might be possible to make a case that the protective custody could be for quarantine reasons, to both protect his life and to shield the rest of us from his deliberate folly.

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@WasCy – I agree. Yet a significant number abstaining from this kind of revenge could still mean a couple dozen people following Terry Jones’s example of buring a Quran. The outrage about Jones’s death will simply be too great. It will be national news for days with a lot of very angry viewers. Right wing commentators on Fox will further fuel all this rage.

So maybe it’s in the national interest to consider protection.

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