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Why are we such fools for the K parties?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) April 8th, 2011

Just wondering.

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Why not? Someone started it however long ago, and now the tradition is kept up. I know I’d be pretty sad if I didn’t get a party when I hit 10k.

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@Seelix Glad it’s just not me. I like to show my other jellies how much I appreciate their input. I’m watching your total as well.

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Because they’re fun, and there’s no arguing; everyone is in lurve with everyone else on those threads.

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Most of the time the lurve you give out is anonymous unless you specifically mention it. The parties give us a chance to explicitly celebrate jellies.

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It’s tradition! Gosh!

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@erichw1504 I just had a vision of Napoleon Dynamite flash across my consciousness

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@tranquilsea Goal: accomplished.

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Cause it makes you feel great.

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It also encourages people to achieve the same thing….i mean reaching that level is not easy and people who do deserve a reward.

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It’s a virtual high five & a hug for someone we like to banter with.

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It’s just plain fun. Don’t worry, @Seelix , you’re being seriously stalked… ;-)

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It’s like one big, happy orgy gathering.

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@bob_ With pancakes!

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Oh Oh @bob_ , @SpatzieLover and @erichw1504 All have their clothes off.

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Nekked jelly filled, pancake eating, frizzer storing parties are all the craze now!

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Like @Seelix said, I guess some dude thought it up first, and then it became Fluther tradition. I think it’s cool, traditions bind communities together, and it’s just plain fun, too.

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It gives us a chance to see Auggie nekked again with her high heels and whip.

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Auggie was nekked? that ill love to see

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Oh @Eggie, she is nekked at every party. Just say party and the clothes start flying. And of course once Auggie gets nekked, I do too.

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It’s just the Tequila, lubricates the skin and clothes fall off. LOL

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Because they’re fun.

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Congrats! I just got here. Who are we celebrating?

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They’re a fun way to make alot of money! ;)

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Tradition! And now I’m starting to think “Fiddler on the Roof.”

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I’ve never posted on one, but I see that you get a ton of lurve…Imma try to post on the next one haha.

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It’s just a great tradition that ties us all together! I’d be kinda sad too if I didn’t get a party when I reached the big numbers.

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I’ve purposely stayed under the 10,000 mark to avoid the party. Back when Fluther was a baby people were lurving each other for no reason (that I could discern) simply to help them reach 10K. then, some brainiac started with the 10K parties and the lurve flowed in the form of GA’s and GQ’s just for “attending” the party. That’s when Fluther started slipping away for me.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous I gave you a Great Answer!

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@bk: I know. It’s a curse. But I still have some mod friend who deduct lurve when I am bad.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous so that’s what is happening. My lurve scale keeps going counterclockwise instead of increasing. I thought it was because Fluther was operating out of Australia or something.

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