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Do you think this is a good idea?

Asked by Val123 (12734points) February 6th, 2010

In Jeruba’s 20K party, someone noted the fact that it can be hard to find the party. You can see that someone has hit 10 or 20K and you go looking alllllll over the place for the party.

Well, how about when someone hits the milestone, someone else posts a link to the party in that person’s PM. Asmont did that, actually, for Jeruba, and it was very convenient. You’d know exactly where you need to go to find it.

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Auggie is usually the one who does that, I believe.

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@rangerr Really? I’ve never seen a link in the 10 or 20Kers PMs before, not until Asmont posted in Jeruba’s PM. Well, now I know. Thank you Dearie!

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I also think it would be nice if the person asking the question would include the username in the title of the question. I almost skipped over Jeruba’s party thread because I thought it was about border crossings. seriously :P

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I do usually post a link in my PM congratulations, but asmonet beat me to it this time. Here’s how I find the party questions: In the search box, type: username + 10k (or 20k), spaces and all. It works every time!

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