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When you see older celebrities trending on Twitter, do you immediately fear that they've died?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19064points) April 10th, 2011

Or is that just me?

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I do the same thing if I see two movies starring the same person on TV at the same time.

Damn you Tom Hanks.

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Why would that mean that they have died? They have other things going on and are too busy to tweet on a regular basis.

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@Mikewlf337 trending would mean others are discussing them, not the celebrities themselves

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Yes I do. And like @funkdaddy said, when there’s a particular celeb in a huge bunch of movies on TV, too.

When I’m listening to the radio, if they play a block of songs by an artist I think the same thing.

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@funkdaddy Oh, I did not know that lol. I never used that word before.

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“Trending” means others are discussing them? Really? I’ve never encountered the expression. Could you please supply two or three sample sentences using this term, with enough context to help illustrate the meaning?

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Trending is used in this sense a lot online, especially with user generated content, to gauge interest in a particular topic.

Searches will trend, mentions will trend, things like that. They usually spike when something happens with that individual as people try to catch up or figure out who they are.

Google Trends

Twitter Search – trending at the bottom

Yahoo – Trending gets the coveted upper right portion…

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Thanks. Yikes. <falling silent>

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@Jeruba Justin Beiber was always trending on Twitter, so they created an algorithm for not recognizing him as trending to let other, more recent things trend. Now misspelling of his name frequently trend, as fans of his try to beat the algorithm.

No one would know who Rebecca Black is had she and her song “Friday” not been trending topics.

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