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Which is a better venue to sell my creations, ETSY, ARTFIRE or DAWANDA?

Asked by Ozer (19points) April 10th, 2011

I design and construct small softgoods from leftover materials. I am looking to sell my creations online, a recent Ebook that I bought suggested Etsy, Artfire and Dawanda for artists to selll there stuff. I would appreciate if anyone could provide some more light on this. I am based in Asia and this is the first time I have heard about these website. Your inputs will be greately appreciated.

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I use Etsy and find it really easy and very inexpensive.

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@cazzie Thankyou so very much for your input, I am trying to figure out one venue to start from. It really will help to hear from people who have some experience with these sites.

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I’ve never even heard of the last two but Etsy is quite popular and well known.

They also have small very reasonable fees.

If you want the most exposure for your product I would think that Etsy would be best.

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I suggest that you don’t limit yourself to just one site. Use them all for the best results.

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I’m using etsy, but considering expanding. The more you have out there the more you can sell.

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I’m not familar with the other two, but I’d definitely recommend Etsy!

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Thanks everyone! I did sign up on Etsy, but have not put anything for sale yet as I broke my wrist and was not able to do much for a long while. Hope to have some pieces ready soon and put them up to test the Etsy waters.

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