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What are some graduation gift ideas for a future teacher?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) April 11th, 2011

I am not a very creative person when it comes to gifts, so I am depending on my fellow jellies for some good ideas!

My wife of 4 years is graduating in May with an early childhood development degree (she wants to teach the youngsters how to grow up and be cool). So, what would be a great present to give from husband to future-teacher wife?

It must be no more than $100. It can be purchased online, in store or even be handmade. Something personalized and creative would be great.

What would make her say “Wow! That is sooo wonderful!!!” and then make her love me more, of course.

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A classic lunch box! Or a fancy pencil case.

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How about a really nice quilted or personalized tote bag for carrying supplies back and forth to school? There should be some nice ones in craft stores or online. has some classic big boat totes that you can get monogrammed.

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A fountain pen.

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I’m a big fan of gifts in several pieces. I like to make things out of the gifts, or make a day of them.

If it were me, I would buy an old school lunch pail off of ebay, pack a lunch for you both and maybe hide something else at the bottom. I have one of those lunch boxes and I use it now to organize papers, hold mail, extra pens – whatever. It sits on my desk and I use it everyday. Plus, it’s shiny and vintage!

I’m sure if she’s just graduating a relaxing day spent without worry over schoolwork would be nice, especially if it came with a reminder of why she did it. Go have a picnic, make a day of it. :)

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Oh, and don’t forget an apple. I mean, seriously.

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Do you handmake any type of stuff? Because if you made it, it would mean even more…

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@asmonet Haha, of course.

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@yankeetooter I can make paper airplanes and my own creations with silly putty. So, in other words: no, I don’t.

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Yeah…I’m not really getting any inspirations from those two skills @erichw1504. Well, back to the drawing board! What type of handmade crafts does she like?

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@yankeetooter I don’t know, she’s not much of a crafty type person.

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How about a personalized travel mug at my school we can’t carry normal mugs around, in case we spill a hot drink on a child! not expensive but useful, put it in a gift basket along with a decent pen, highlighters, lots of post it notes, a year subscription to scholastic education I think this is the US version if not this something similar, clothing vouchers so she can invest in some simple clothing that she can have “work clothes” as they will get dirty quite quickly in early years, book vouchers so she can make a stock of favourite story time books or story sacks, a whistle or when she is playground duty, a decent watch or better still a nurse style watch (I find mine really useful) oh and bubble bath, bottle of wine and pamper pack for after her first week she will need it!

Have fun choosing :)

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Well, @erichw1504 ,not being a crafty person is probably a good thing, lol! Does she like certain types of crafts? (Sorry, you’re talking to someone who always has to find the perfect gifts for everyone at Christmas time, so I’m trying to figure this out for you…)

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@yankeetooter: Hey, don’t knock the crafters!

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@asmonet As I’m a crafter myself, I’m not, trust me…

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A nice briefcase, something without apples all over it.
A nice planner or portfolio from Levenger; things to help her get organized.
A subscription to This is an awesome organizational tool.
Do you have a house? Buy her an apple tree for the yard.

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cash is good, with the neo-feudal types ravaging civil budgets of all kinds.
in some neighborhoods body armor. I wish I were more being sarcastic I’m just sad about it.
Support our teachers !

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ps what a kind hubby you are let us know what you decide :) I’m nosey!!

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Oh, I will. Don’t worry @sakura.

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I got my cousin (who graduated as a teacher) one of those old fashioned bells you tap and it dings and some really good desk equipment: stapler, 3 hole punch, and a big fancy thermos for coffee like this one

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I also found these while sifting through etsy today. :)

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OK guys. Here’s what I ended up getting for her:

A Disney School Bus Lunch Box which I will fill with a nice bracelet from Things Remembered and other various teacher supplies.

Thanks to @asmonet for suggesting a vintage lunch box.

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Ah! That’s the cutest lunch box!

I’m glad you liked my suggestion, that all sounds great!

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