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Any embarassing crush stories?

Asked by 15barcam (756points) April 11th, 2011

Just want a laugh, so any funny relationship/crush stories will be perfect.

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In first grade we kept these journals that we just wrote a couple sentences in each day…I think maybe sometimes there were prompts, other days it was just write what’s on your mind. And also in first love I was in love with my friend David. So I wrote in my journal….I love David and he loves me. He’s my boyfriend and we both look like monkeys. My gym teacher came a few days later and leafed through my journal and read it out loud. I was a mortified little first grader. But we’re still friends and he still does look like a monkey, as do I.

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Oh my, yes. There was a cute piano player in the restaurant of the hotel where I worked. He was very charming and would smile at me. After confessing my crush to a couple of co-workers, one said, “Sweetie, he’s gay. Didn’t you know that?” It turned out that she was correct. It may have ended the crush, but I continued to admire him for his talent and charm.

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i had a huge crush on my girlfriend’s brother. I remember seeing him waiting for the bus and I had to walk passed him on my way home. I was about 13 (he was 18), so I was very self-conscious but I decided to walk very nicely and smile at him and show him how grown up and sophisticated I was… all went well until I tripped on the broken pavement and landed on my face right next to him…

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When I was a junior in high school, my friends and I spent a lot of time at the mall. There was a guy who worked in a men’s clothing store that I had a horrible crush on. He was a year older than me and went to a different school. Whenever we were at the mall, we’d go into that store to see if he was working. I’d pretend to be shopping for my dad or brother just to get to talk to him. He was very cute and outgoing. When junior prom rolled around, I didn’t have a date. My mom went to the mall with me to pick up my prom dress and, knowing I had a crush on this guy, suggested we stop in so I could say hi to him. Big mistake. My mom interrupted our conversation to talk about prom. She unwrapped my dress and showed it to him, then loudly gushed, “Won’t she look beautiful? Now all she needs is a DATE!” Humiliation upon humiliation. I was so mortified, I never went into that store again. Later someone who knew this guy told me he had a girlfriend, so my mom’s plot of making me look desperate and available didn’t stand a chance. Oh, I am still so mad at her for that and it was almost 20 years ago!

edited to add: Two of my best friends also didn’t have dates, so we went out together before prom and still had a great time!

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My last ‘crush’ turned out to be gay. lol
We’re friends, but, alas, I misjudged that one by about a 100 miles. haha

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I had this massive crush on this really hot girl I saw at the pool almost every night. We got to talking and would swim our laps. After a month or so I finally got the courage to ask her out. She blurts out as loud as she could…..“It’s about time you asked me out”!!

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I asked a senior I had a crush on to my Junior prom and he said no. I was crushed. Found out many years later he is gay (although he still could’ve gone.) It was devastating at the time. We are now good friends although I’ve never told him how I felt back then.

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