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Is there anything you place so much importance on, that you will not share it?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16538points) April 12th, 2011

There are some things that I put great importance on, and even have an emotional connection with. It may be a book, a song, a photograph, or any other subjective idea. Some of these I feel so deeply about that I am hesitant to share them, because I may be genuinely disappointed if the person I shared with didn’t appreciate it on the same level.

I think this is the closest I can come to understanding why some people prefer not to discuss their religious beliefs. However for me, this only applies to matters of opinion or taste. I am always more than happy to be proven wrong on matters of fact or evidence.

Is there anything you place this degree of importance on? Or am I just crazy?

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I will not share the combination number to my bank lock box with anyone.

Also, I wonder what really happened on that snipe hunt way back in 1960?

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I have a few deep dark secrets that shall remain deep and dark. Also, very few people can wrap there heads around my spiritual beliefs so I keep those to myself as well.

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That which is most valuable to me I would gladly share with any and all who truly desires it.

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Nope, I’m a sharer. If someone doesn’t understand, it’s not about me; they’re a different person and I can respect that.

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holding something within, while it nurtures and grows to the point where you feel it is sturdy enough to share is smart. Like not taking the baby out before approx nine months gestation.
It can be a genuine matter of achieving a coherent definition to the concept idea thought feeling before it’s ready.
The audience for sharing makes a huge difference too. With some folks I’d barely want to share my name .. with some folks I’ll share some very precious stuff

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I will not share my PIN for my bank card…Boscoe!

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Some of my thoughts. ;)

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I will not share my husband. I place a ton of importance on him . :-)

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my cell phone holds many secrets

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You are not crazy.

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No one, but NO ONE drives my car! I am not sure why, but that is the hardest thing for me. When we go to Disneyland (a 12-hour drive), I drive the whole way, even though I have grown kids and even a licensed granddaughter, in the car and could take turns. I am very possessive of my car. I have always been that way about my “main” vehicle. I’m not like that with my spare vehicles.

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I caught a Tyee Chinook salmon in Canada last summer that was a record holder. I had the entire fish made into lox (one of my favorite foods). I will share it with my husband, but other than him, no one else has tasted it. My sister-in-law hinted, then out right asked for some. I not-so-subtly changed the subject all 7 times she has asked. I will not share! It is mine, mine, mine!

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There are some people I won’t share physical with, because they have a reputation of not being careful with their belongings, but I am always open to sharing ideas. I feel bad when my ideas are rejected, but that doesn’t stop me.

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I have been trying to buy something for a couple years.
The owner has refused me to this point.
I still hope to convince him to change his mind.

I am not telling what it is for fear someone here will outbid me.

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My tweaked DC1 Integra.

My Campagnolo Record equipped ‘91 Eddy Merckx bicycle.

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