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How can I tell this guy I like him?

Asked by leftt (92points) April 12th, 2011

This is a but of a follow up on a question I asked a few months ago.

(I’m 14, and this guy we’re talking about it a little less than a year older than me, 15. He’s in high school, and I’m in middle school, but I’ll be going to high school next year anyways.)

Alright. I really like my friend’s older brother. A lot. My friends have even convinced me that I’m in classic, old-school love with him (that kind of thing that whenever you talk to him, your heart pounds and it’s hard to make normal sentences).

We have a pretty good friend-relationship going; he calls me while he’s on the bus home from school three out of 5 days of the week (sometimes even on weekends) just to talk, when we talk on the phone most of the time it’s that cute gibberish that just keeps going back and forth, sometimes in the background you’ll hear a guy go “hey, is that you’re babe?” and I grin and laugh, we text a lot, I go to their house often to hang out, we’ve been in a slightly romantic situation before (waiting for a bus), we’ve been out for coffee (it’s a short walk from his house) alone at least two or three times, and we joke with each other a lot. We actually have hung out alone more than I thought. And it’s completely not awkward at all. We share a lot of common interests, and I could honestly talk to him for hours, and not care. I remember during that bus stop incident, I smiled that kind of smile that you just can’t help because you’re so happy, and you try not to but you can’t. I haven’t done that in years.

This all being said, how I can I tell him I like him? I can easily ask him to go for coffee, but our community is rather small, and there are usually other people from school or that we know all over the place, so it’d be hard to say something like that in front of others… And I don’t want to embarrass him; last thing I want to do.

I’d love to (and imagine a lot >__>) be in a cutie relationship with him, where it’d be almost the same as we are now, just more cutesy and maybe cuddly and kissy. So that’d we’d hold hands while walking around the mall and I could lean my head on his shoulder (if I could, he’s a good head taller than me).

I appreciate any help you guys are willing to give—I know the fluther community is quite nice and a good variety of answers are dealt to questions :)

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Just tell him or have our brother help.

Is that simple.

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@Hibernate um, I don’t think you quite understand…. And it’s not my brother, where did that come from? (unless you really meant ‘our’)

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quote ” Alright. I really like my friend’s older brother ”

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You’ve obviously been “talking” with this guy, so just go for it. Judging from what you’ve said, he digs you. If you don’t want to just dive in, though, be slightly more daring next time you’re with him. By that, I mean, brush your hand against his and see if he brushes your hand back. That sort of thing, or when you’re hanging out with him, sit closer to him. Even rest your head on his shoulder if you want. Neither of those things are so outlandish that it would be odd if you do, but it’d give him feedback that you dig him; for all you know, he’s pondering this same thing.

Now, it’s easy for me to tell you this, being behind a monitor and having been in similar situations, but I have missed out on plenty of girls by not pinching my nose and diving in. It will work to your favor, he digs you, but if he’s shy and says nothing, persist, and if you dive in and he’s shy about it, be calm. It will work. But be smart with your persistence, give him enough space to know he’s free to do as he pleases, but also enough to know you’re more than interested (so basically do what you’ve been doing, it’ll work, be patient).

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@ddude1116 your advice is really great! :) I think I’ll do what you say, because it does seem pretty logical… I just… I’ve been over thinking this for the past week or so, and I just needed reassurance from somewhere. Badly. Hahhh, when I read “even rest your head on his shoulder if you want” my heart started to pound. augh.
Tomorrow, I’m going to ask him if he wants to go see a movie on saturday. But maybe not, because there aren’t very many good movies out or ones I wanna see.

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don’t wait for the “perfect” movie. If you two really want each other’s company you’ll enjoy a surprisingly mediocre movie.

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I think I would just tell him how you feel.
It seems that he likes you too.:)
Have fun!

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I was all lost in the question I felt like I was reading a new teen novel…I wanna know the ending to the book there a movie version?? I hope there are no vampires :-[ (=^_^=)

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Why do you even feel like you have to tell him? Seriously, it sounds like you are working on a nice relationship that is moving slowly but surely in the direction you are hoping for so what’s wrong with continuing to do what you are doing?

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I would say, “Hey baby! Let’s rock!”

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Have you tried holding his hand, or pecking him on the cheek when you’re hanging out together? Do the two of you find time to be alone together?

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@Meego hahaha, my friends always tell me it’s like this >__> I can’t help but wish it had a ending like a teen novel though… :sigh:
@SuperMouse well, this might seem odd, but I know probably for a fact that if neither of us says anything it will be a “friend” relationship forever. It’s hard to explain…
@SpatzieLover oh, goodness, I don’t think i could ever do that! I don’t have the courage unless I know that he’d like me back :S

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@leftt I understand what you are saying and I want to make one point. Please remember that you are only 14, it is ok if it doesn’t go too far. You are young and have a lot of living left to do. Be patient, take it slow, you’ll get there.

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@SuperMouse Oh man, I totally understand going slow. I haven’t even had my first kiss yet, and I don’t think I’d go any farther than that until I’m like 2981398273 years old. Don’t you worry about me :)

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Haha hey gal I get what you mean…At least I think. I’m a guy same age, I’ve had the same issue in the past before, but never had any guts to go up and tell her. But! I have a Gf now…But I think…Just get him alone and spit it out…Not literally…but say it to him. Just be careful not to scare him off though. Some guys get like that, and if he says he just wants to stay friends, just go with the flow! :) But you know don’t get offended or scared, you need to have confidence! Liking someone is natural, don’t be ashamed of it, I don’t see why some people are. But I wish ya luck gal! Go get ‘em! :)

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