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What is your favorite martial arts movie?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 17th, 2011

My girlfriend (a big martial arts fan) has me watching Ong Bak with her this morning. Must say, I really do like it.

You? Any that you would recommend?

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Enter the Dragon is a classic
I love the The 36 chambers of Shaolin, Master of the Flying Guillotine, Kung Fu Zombie, Riki Oh, Drunken Master, and Lone Wolf and Cub. I’m not a big fan of the newer martial arts movies, but I liked Kung Fu Hustle (without the dubs)

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I’m not that knowledgeable about the genre, but I’ve read and heard good things about “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

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Kill Bill and Kung Fu Panda!

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The Kill Bills for certain.

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@seazen_ Awwww yeah, buddy!

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Yeah, another vote for Kill Bill. But I’m also not a martial expert and so I don’t know how authentic it is. I haven’t seen the 2nd because it’s not out yet. But I have it on pre-order at Amazon…

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Kung Fu Hustle is my favorite. Fight with the harpists is my favorite fighting scene in the film.

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Kill Bill I & II
Shogun Assassin (the recut, dubbed version of Lone Wolf and Cub 1&2)
Enter The Dragon
The Expanded, Recovered version of Game Of Death
Ong Bak
The 36 chambers of Shaolin
The Zatoichi Series
The Seven Samurai

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Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow
The Drunken Master
Iron Monkey
Once Upon A Time In China
The Matrix
Ip Man

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There really is too many to name, but the current and past big names (Tony Jaa, Jet Li, Jackie, Donny yen etc.) all made great movies.

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I forgot Rush Hour! I love Rush Hour..

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Kill Bill rocked for me too! Especially this guy

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Kiss of the Dragon

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I love all that cheesy corndog eighties revenge shit like Kickboxer or Bloodsport with Van Damme. It’s so epic in its own way, and I like that it depicts at least some notable form of legitimate martial arts. I really get turned off by modern martial arts stuff where people run upside down in the sky for ten minutes. I do love Ong Bak a lot too though, and I recognize how splendid it is. Tony Jaa broke every bone in his body a million times doing all the stunts for real, he kicks ass.

Although I really prefer samurai movies, like The White Dragon, Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman or the Lone Wolf and Cub movies. Incidentally, what I don’t like about martial art movies, that is, exaggeration, I totally love in samurai films. (although I’m told Lone Wolf and Cub is actually pretty accurate)

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Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.

just what the fuck was in that fish tank anyway?

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So sad- no recommendations of “Kung Pow- Fists of chicken”*. ;-p

*Or whatever it’s called.

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Drunken Master 2. The original version… not that abomination that was released a few years ago in the US.

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Drunken Master. :D

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Come Drink With Me—a wonderful Kung Fu flick from 1966 where the hero was a heroine and the billian [Jade-Faced Tiger] was sexy. and some of the stunts seemed almost magical

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I saw it in 1966 in NYC—it was recommended highly by people at Pratt Art Institute where I was studying

I just looked it up on 1MDB and apparently it was the first kung fu movie ever.

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Anyone ever hear of this old ass martial art film, Duel of the Masters? It has three separate stories in it, but that link all the same characters together.

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