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How do you prefer your chocolate?

Asked by ucme (50047points) April 18th, 2011

Boxed, biscuits, bars etc. Basically, if you like chocolate, in which form do you enjoy it best? What are your favourite chocolate treats? Just for the record, I like mine smothered around & about the wife’s…...well, you know.

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Dark chocolate…bars.

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Dark hot chocolate with whipped cream and a dash of Rumplemintz Schnapps.

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Dark chocolate, in any form

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Dark chocolate fudge filled Bon-Bons

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Ugh, no dark – milk.

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Hershey’s minis special dark, please.

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In quantity, after a great deal of drinking.

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This was inspired by the wife, well she actually forced me to post it if truth be told. She’s nodding feverishly in agreement at all the dark choc lovers. I mean, she basically bleeds cocoa powder….......owwwwww!! I was just kidding light of my life :¬(

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Melted on her belly.

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With nuts…like me.

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Anyway I can get it. It’s always welcome.

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Dark, dark dark, preferably free-trade and small-manufacturer; none of your overprocessed, rainforest-killing, additive-filled stuff for me, thanks.

This stuff is amazing…

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drizzled over skin and licked slowly.
oooopsss…did I type that.

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While it’s a nonsensical response, I’m going to have to go with ALL. OF. IT. :)

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I like mine with nuts and they are the male type of nuts mmmmmmmmm

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@blueiiznh all over the body will work as well

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ironically craving chocolate now too

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Not dark. Milk, please. I like Sarris chocolate the best, but Hershey Symphony bars are a close second. Which is funny because I think Hershey’s regular chocolate tastes like shit.

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Milk, Dark, White, Orange, Mint, Filled with caramel, fruit and nut, honeycmb bits…Hot chocolate with large fluffly marshmallows on top(not those miniscule ones)
Ferero Rocher, mmmhh
I do love chocolate.
Chocolate cake too, delish!

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It’s best in the form of a ganache (an emulsion of chocolate, cream and butter).

When you eat chocolate straight, it goes through a timed release of its flavors as it melts: first the “primary” flavor (the classic chocolate flavor), followed by the more subtle and exotic “secondary” flavors. The whole unfolding of the flavors can take several minutes. Taken in the form of a ganache, though, all of the flavors are immediately available. It’s an even more intense experience than eating the chocolate all by itself. Plus, the dairy fats in the ganache help mellow out the bite of any residual acidity in the cocoa (I can’t stand acidic chocolates).

Then there’s the incredible texture of a well-made ganache: silky smooth and unctuous.

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Ritter Sport Cornflakes Bar

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In large quantities.

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I would love to play in chocolate and have fun licking it off each other, maybe even chocolate frosting…mmmmmmmm

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@blueiiznh I am craving chocolate too big time!!

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Milk or white. Dark sucks. I like it in all shapes and forms. Melted on ice cream, shaved into gelato, made into bars, in cookies, brownies, cakes, it’s all good :)

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Dark is too bitter—tho healthier…but milk it is!!
Swiss, Belgian, bars, Hershey’s kisses, Baci, Toblerone, cake, muffins, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mousse, Baskin-Robbins milkshake, Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, Bahlsen Choco Leibniz, Milo…delish…I live in a choco world.

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I dig the caramel chocolate with Doritoes, currently. No kidding, it’s fantastic. A few doritoes, some caramel chocolate, repeat… Or I’ll just bake a cake. That I should totally put doritioes in! Random inspiration for the win…

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I like my chocolate dark and melting on my tongue.

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Just kidding. I’ll take my chocolate pretty much any way, except when it’s covering ants or other bugs. :-)

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I really am not that fond of dark chocolate but there is a candy bar here called Time Out (I don’t remember them in USA) and I absolutely love them. I also like Maltesers which are like little malted milk balls, I love them smashed in vanilla ice cream. I have simple tastes, heheheh.

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Chocolate milk (the kind that’s already in a carton at the grocery store, not the kind where you mix in hershey’s syrup of Nesquick powder). My grandma used to buy that kind especially for my brother and me when we were little, so that flavor always reminds me of going to visit her.

Ice cream dove bars with milk chocolate (not dark) sprinkled with almonds over vanilla ice cream.

Sees milk chocolate candies with carmel and walnuts inside.

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Thanks for those, this thread semed to go in reverse, the longer it went on the answers became more detailed. I am impressed :¬)

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Very cold.

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