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What was the stupidest thing you did when you were young?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 22nd, 2011

I made some pretty dumb decisions last night. What were some of the dumbest things you did when you were younger?

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Oh so many… which one should I pick? Okay this one. I was sent to the shops with my younger sister (she is four years younger than me and I was about 10 at the time). I met some friends at the shops and we got talking and talking and I turned around and my sister had gone. We looked for ages and then my friends went home and I kept looking. When I got home hours later, my family were frantic and my sister was there and had been for hours. She got bored and walked home. When I think about what could have happened but I was too scared to go home and say I lost her. I was in deep shit for quite a while after that one.

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I went down a slide holding a broom stick and was close to losing my eye.
I’d say that’s pretty stupid.

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Hmnn… well, Swingline had these ultra cute mini staplers and for some reason my friends and I were obsessed with staping into the flesh of our thumbs and then pulling out the staple. Maybe we though each time we stapled it wouldn’t hurt like the last time but it was stupid.

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When I was in high school my friends and I used to go around stealing things out of people’s yards. Mostly those reflectors that people stick at the end of their drive ways so they didn’t run into the ditch. We literally stole hundreds of them over a couple years time. We would take them and put them in other people’s drive ways or just throw them out. We graduated to street signs and once we stole a statue of Mary and a baby Jesus from a manger. Obviously there isn’t much to do around here and that was the best fun we could think of.

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My first boyfriend.

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I ignited a bee in the living room and burnt a hole in the carpet.

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Dropped acid, ‘borrowed’ a canoe and shot the rapids at midnight. Heh..I was a wild child, but then, it was the 70’s. lol

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hmmm.. there’s so many stupid things i did holy cow! like stalking older boys with my friends, believing this when she said she has a ghost friend and not being able to sleep by myself for a good year, going to this ice cream shop with my friend and always begging the guy for free ice cream and he always gave it to us, then the poor guy got fired :/ blazing in a public place and getting caught… the list can go on and on and on! haha

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Started drinking.

stopping now would be the 2nd stupidest thing i’ve ever done so i’m just gonna kind of hang around and see how it works out.

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I started smoking when I was 12. I wish I’d never have started.

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Get older. BIG mistake!

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Dropped out of college 22 years ago…just now going back.

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Fired an anti- tank rocket with no goggles or earplugs, haven’t been the same since.

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I drove home from the beach stoned out of my mind.

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Dating 5 out of the 7 boyfriends I’ve had. Also crashing a rented ATV and breaking my arm and having to leave Europe early for surgery…bummer.

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Drinking until I threw up, egging houses, speeding, stuff like that…

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Hmm… yeah acid was pretty dumb too, but the ex was still dumber.

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@DominicX Been there done that and I can add streaking to that list. NEVER streak without hiding your clothes so no one else can find them and mess with you!

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I dyed my hair blonde & had a perm done. Basically, I looked like a butch version of Shirley Temple. Of course, being demented…..young, I thought I looked like the dog’s bollocks! WRONG!!

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When I was 14, I was fed up with my parents in a big way. I’d been grounded for like the third consecutive month, and had been thinking of running away from home for like 6 months. I learned the code to their ATM card by watching them enter it, so one night I packed up a duffel bag and ran away on a really cold winter night. I ran to an ATM a couple blocks away and took the daily max (about $350). I walked to a motel a few miles away and got a room for the night.

The next morning I called one of my buddies from the motel, since he’d said to call him if I ever ran away. He told me my parents had called him and all my friends, the cops were looking for me around town and at bus stations, and the principal of my high school grade was walking around the mall looking for me. Turned out another friend of mine rolled over on me and told my parents and the police every last bit of what my full plan was. I was feeling trapped and called my parents, thinking I’d negotiate some way where they’d call off the search. My dad convinced me to come home and things would be better. So I begrudgingly did, since I felt my plan wasn’t really going to work too well since everyone knew the gist of it.

Here’s the dumb part: my plan was to go to the mall to buy a Crocodile Dundee-style knife and holster, then take a bus to visit a buddy of mine in a small town about 60 miles south of there. I figured I could stay with him for a few days (little did I know my parents had already spoken with his parents since I’d left). Then I was going to go to Chicago and mug people for a living. I’m serious. That was my plan. I thought as a 14 year old skinny white kid with no friends, I was going to survive as a mugger on the streets of Chicago, mugging people in alleys and stuff with a large knife.

Imagine what would have happened to me if I’d have gotten that far. Jesus.

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