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What words do you use to replace swearing?

Asked by takeachance (701points) April 22nd, 2011

What words do you use, instead of swearing?

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I don’t generally but if I must I say ‘fudging flamingoes’.

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I don’t, ever. Haha it’s quite bad actually, I’ll swear in front of teachers or my boss and be like oooops. But, I try to replace crap with shit/fuck :P

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If I can’t abruptly swear were I’m at, I’ll usually just say the first few syllables of the word. Such as “FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” for “fuck”.


“For crying out loud!”

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I don’t use swear words at all. When something happens I just say “Oh NO” or “OUCH”.

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Fuck that!

Just kidding. If I’m around kids or old farts or at work, I try to use fooey, darn, shoot. also, poo. Mostly poo.

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As In “oh poo, I forgot to capitalize, and now it’s too late to edit.”

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I accidentally said “fluthermucker” the other day.

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@fundevogel I’m going to steal that. Hope you don’t mind.

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I use son of a fish, and mother smurpher.
But I am still asked to refrain from cursing.
That shit is hard, I quite smoking, so my mouth runs marathons.

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@FluffyChicken It was a gaffe on my part, I didn’t coin it. There used to be a user here by that name
but I think he was a troll.

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I don’t…I just let ‘er rip! But it’ll cost you a dollar if you do. Money goes towards fun stuff like take out or movies. We eat a lot of pizza and see a lot of movies!

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I don’t either and do what @Cruiser does.I paid off my house in 2 weeks with my swear jar.;)

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@lucillelucillelucille You will have that 1932 Cord in no time!

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Cruiser I know! I just bought the !#$% tires last night! XD

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@lucillelucillelucille You must have been playing golf yesterday!! If we played 18 holes you would be able to afford the whole car!! XD

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I don’t really swear unless I’m really angry or just telling a joke. I never really say the really bad ones like the “f” or” c” word, although shit the “s” word is one I get caught saying a lot, especially when I drop things.
@KatetheGreat FFUUU?

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There are some places where I cannot let ‘er rip, and at those times and places I use phooey, fudge, shoot, darn, frickin’ fracken’, and horse pucky. I never use the C word, so I don’t have a euphemism for that one.

In my mind, though, John Cleese is the king. Doesn’t have to use a “bad” word once and still gets it across: ”You sit there on your loathsome, spotty behinds, squeezing blackheads, not caring a tinker’s cuss about the struggling artist… YOU EXCREMENT!

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I have a potty mouth, and have nearly set people on fire with the words I occasionally spray.
Often, though, I will just rattle out sounds. It almost sounds like another language.
The important thing is not to hold all that anger inside.

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Only when in earshot of the kids. On the rare occasions I do forget myself, only one syllable pops out. Soon to be replaced with OWWWWWWW!!!!! The wife’s reflexes are truly remarkable :¬(

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I use darnit and fudge when my little one is around. She hears enough of the other from my husband. ;)

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I generally find that sort of censorship to be dishonest, so I rarely substitute words. However, I occasionally use homonyms like “firk” and “sheet”, though they are a poor substitute when I really need to shout “flaming horse cocks!” or a good old “Fuck!” to vent and actually feel better.

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I rarely make any effort to replace swear words, and when I do, it’s a feeble attempt at best, using words such as heck, crap or ’‘frickin’’.
In French, there are also toned down versions of cuss words. Osti=estic, calisse=caline, tabarnak=tabarnouche and so forth.

I have always wanted to get into the habit of saying stuff like, zounds! fiddlesticks, curses or damnation lol, but it never seems to work.

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Dag Nabbit!

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God bless America!
”...this blasted thing….”
Crapola !

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@hawaii_jake Lol dag nabbit is cool.

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Oh Poo!


Oh Craaaaaaaaaa ! (never put the p on the end)

Flippin’ A !

You effen effer!

Ding dang it!

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! (never put the t on the end of it)


Oh shiza!

Fer chripe sakes!


You big mo fo!

Are you effen kidding me? You big douche-bag!

That stupid be-atch!

What a douche-nik!

What a nimrod!

What an A-hole!

What a dick weed!

What an ass wipe!

What a big effen corn-holio!

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Why use euphemisms? As long as swearing is used intelligently and doesn’t merely pepper your conversation willy-nilly, it’s a useful and indeed necessary tool in one’s vocabulary. To never swear is to be impoverished.

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How do you take the “f” out of “way”?

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‘frickin pants’ or when the kids are about just ‘pants’

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I just discovered what I use. Here’s the story. I put a sharp knife in the dishwasher tableware basket. It stuck in there when I tried to take it out. I pulled very hard and it popped loose, with the force of my pull, I sliced my hand.

Now I yelled “OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD”. That is apparently my default swear word.

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Sofa King, Sofa King, I am Sofa King Wee Todd It. (READ IT LOUD!!!)

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I’m OK, really, it was just a small slice, and the kids loved putting the band-aid on it for me.

Now I have a new story. Hubby is home for the week. He tried to take some soda out of the refrigerator and a glass jam jar fell out and broke. He yelled “AAARRRUUUUGGGGG”. That is his default swear word.

Oh, wait, he’s cleaning it up now and I hear a lot of “Hummmppppfffff” going on, interspersed with Uh Huh, SIGH.

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@YARNLADY Say it! Say it really loud so your husband can hear you! Sofa King, Sofa King, I am Sofa King Wee Todd It!

Why can’t men take care of little things like that without making such a self serving, poor me racket??

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