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When you're a man and you meet a person who is female, is it a safe assumption that she has not seen the movie "Fight Club"?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) April 24th, 2011

Is that considered a “guys” movie? and If you’re a guy, do you wish your girlfriend would watch it with you?

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I don’t think so. I know a lot of females who have seen the movie and enjoyed it, including myself.

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I’m female and have watched this movie several times. Great film.

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My sister introduced me to Fight Club. I’m just sayin’.
It’s hard to find people who read the book though, both men and women. Maybe it’s just the crowd I hang out, I don’t know.

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Nope. One of my favorite movies in the world.

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The first time I watched was with a female so no.

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I think you get the idea ^

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I see many females have responded, thanks. But this question is directed towards males.
(edit) more females are definitley welcome to chime in.

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Of course not, I’ve seen it. It might be safe to assume though, that if you encounter a woman she has probably not memorized every single line in the film.

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Removed by me.

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My girlfriend just said this is a “retarded-ass” question haha. I think she disagrees with you! Why can’t girls like films about fighting? If you know the girl in question is a girly girly girly girl then maybe you can make that assumption. You could lead into the subject of the film by mentioning the Brad Pitt and Edward Norton factor.

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Fight Club is my favorite movie.

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If anything, I suspect more females would have watched it because of Ed Norton and Brad Pitt (with a hint of a blonde Jared Leto) getting topless and sweaty. It was marketed that way to females; marketed completely differently to boys.

I watched it because it was an adaptation of my favourite book from a great director.

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Props to you @mazzkat for reading the book.

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@mazzkat the strange thing for me is that, although it is my favorite movie and I love Palahnuik’s books, this is the only time that I’ve ever enjoyed a movie more than the book.

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No, I’m actually the only girl I know who hasn’t seen it (not because it’s a “guy movie”, but because I find Palahnuik to be an over-hyped tool).

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@trickface I never said girls can’t like films about fighting! I think many of you are taking my question the wrong way!

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No it isn’t safe to assume. I have seen this movie and think its a great film. I don’t get why you would assume this? Perhaps you can explain that?

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Gender stereotypes, much? I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

Not a safe assumption at all. Neither would it be safe to assume that she HAS seen it. Or that any man you meet has seen it. Or that he hasn’t.

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“I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.” Brilliant.

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@Mz_Lizzy I never said I assumed it, it’s a question to the average (fluther) man whether if inquired she has seen this movie, would it be a surprise or not.

@downtide a guy just can’t ask a question to other guys about women without it being seen as a stereotype…

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I’m not a guy, but many of my female friends and relatives have seen and loved that movie.

I’ve never seen it, because the title suggests that it would be too violent for my tastes.

On the other hand, a female who is very interested in a particular male that she wants to know better, is likely to try out new things that she ordinarily wouldn’t be interested in (like watching football, listening to fart jokes and watching Fight Club) You’d be surprised.

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@Kardamom a female who is very interested in a particular male that she wants to know better, is likely to try out new things that she ordinarily wouldn’t be interested in (like watching football, listening to fart jokes and watching Fight Club) You’d be surprised. Lmfao. That is so true. ^_^ Giggles

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I hate gratuitous violence, so didn’t watch Fight Club at first- thought it was another 300 or the like. My son convinced me it was multilayered and wasn’t even really about “fighting,” so I gave it a try. I love it—because it IS multilayered, thought provoking, has all the hidden messages in the scene background that you have to watch over and over to catch and has a socio-cultural message. IMO, it is a modern twist on the Jekyll and Hyde story- the internal identity battle between good and evil and the literature teacher in me relishes the idea that Hollywood fed the masses Jekyll and Hyde with a spoonful of sugar “violence.”

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It’s (as @mazzkat so accurately put it) “Ed Norton and Brad Pitt (with a hint of a blonde Jared Leto) getting topless and sweaty.” If that’s not a chick flick, I dunno what is. ;)

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What does it matter?

You do not talk about Fight Club.

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Fight Club is one of my favourite movies. I haven’t read the book, though, because I love the movie so much that I don’t want to like the book more. But I’ve read all of Palahniuk’s other stuff.

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It’s a great movie, with a great story, great twist, guys kicking the shit out of each other and Brad Pitt shirtless. So I see little reason why women would object to it. Not to stereotype, either, but Brad Pitt had an impressive set of muscles…

@Seelix The movie is incredibly similar to the book, the changes are minute. Personally, I liked the movie better because it basically was the book. They’re both fantastic, and are pretty much at level with each other.

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I like to watch boxing on occasion but have never watched that movie….and never will ;)

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I think the main question is what heretic hasn’t seen that movie?

(YES @lucillelucillelucille I just called you a heretic) :P

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@Winter-Meh…that’s ok. That is also what I first said when I heard about that movie XD

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Not at all. My favorite movies are “guy” movies for the most part. Why do I like… say, “Troy?” Because Brad Pitt is one of many hotties in the cast that got ripped for that movie. Same with Gerard Butler and 300. Its not just the hot guys, there are a lot of things that go into females liking all kinds of movies. ASS uming that females don’t watch some movies (that aren’t porn, but there are plenty of women who watch that) because they’re “guy movies” is being stupid.

@YoKoolAid If you make generalizations about anyone, especially about the opposite gender, that have little or no basis in fact, you’re going to get called on being sexist. Which you are, in fact, being.

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You have the combination of the physic of Brad Pitt, the brilliance of Ed Norton, and the crafty-quirkiness of Helena Bonham Carter I’d be willing to say the right assumption would be that the introduction to a woman is that she has seen ‘Fight Club’, however she may get turned off hearing quotes from it because of the boneheaded last guy she dated who was obsessed by the film, as opposed to giving her the attention she deserved and desired.

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I’ve seen it, and enjoyed it.

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I have never seen that movie.

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@wilma and @lucillelucillelucille you should at least give it a chance. As has been said, it’s very multi-layered.

Another interesting one in a similar vein is History of Violence. It is violent (it’s about the Mob, after all) but again it’s multi-layered and talks more about identity than about the violence itself.

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@downtide I will give it a try if the opportunity arises. I don’t have a lot of time for movie watching.

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I put Fight Club in the same category as Inception and Black Swan—all 3 leave you pondering at the end.

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History of Violence is an awesome movie.

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